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Sports bikes for chicks

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by sonz, May 27, 2007.

  1. Hi I have been looking for the right sports bike for ages, but they all seem too heavy or too fast for me. I am only 155cm tall and 50kg. I don't want a 250cc but everyone seems to recommend them, i was looking more at getting a 125. BUT are there any 125cc 4 strokes out there now? I was riding a road trail before but I don't like sitting so upright anymore. The 250cc's, I just don't feel like I could handle a 250 sports bike at all. Can anyone tell me which bike is the lightest and easiest to ride and is under 250cc's? Thanks for any suggestions ](*,)

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  3. Just the bike

    I have the perfect bike for you. A Honda CB 250. It is a 250, although has a noticeably less power than some of the 'bigger' 250s. I'm 5'4" and it was probably the ideal height for me. I find it way easier to move around the driveway/garage etc. than just about any other 250. I learned on the CB and felt relatively safe, relatively quickly. It was the perfect bike for me to gain my confidence on.
    It is a naked bike, ie. no fairings, which my HART instructors recommended, as it is then lighter to wheel around and won't show scratches as much if I dropped it. Which, being a beginner, I fully expected to, but didn't as the bike was really quite easy to move around.
    It is an upright. Again, my instructors recommended that as it is the 'safest' seating position for learners apparently.
    Anyway, as I said, for me at the time, the perfect bike. And for you too possibly... hey... just so happens I have one for sale!
  4. suzuki gn
    honda cb
    kwak Vn
    And VT not sure if it's a honda or yammy

    u want a little cruier that is not as fast as a sports 250 and is easier o handle.
  5. I believe there are only two bikes on our market that fit into your requirement of 125cc four-stroke. One is the new Honda CBR125 already mentioned above. The other is Sachs Madass, which is the lightest by far (at something like 85kg) but it is styled as an urban... thing... whatever, I wouldn't call it a sport bike.

    Oh, and there is the postie bike which is also a 125cc four-stroke but *nobody* would call it a sports bike :)

    Then there is the Aprilia 125 which definitely is a sports bike, but is a high-strung two stroke.

    I think you could expand your requirements just fine, your size and weight should not prevent you from riding a bike much larger than 125cc.
  6. I think you'll be just fine on a little 250cc sportsbike.

    In a couple of months of riding it you'll be wanting more power out of the small engine anyway.

    Just stay clear of 2 strokes.
  7. test ride Aprilia rs125

    ok so I took a 2002 Aprilia RS125 on a test ride this afternoon. It is a 2 stroke and actually I found it to be a little slow and it sounds a bit like my kx80 :wink: its a pretty good bike but for $4500 I think I can get a new Honday for that much. I think maybe I do need a 250 and I'll get used to it hey?
  8. Re: test ride Aprilia rs125

    LOL if you think the RS125 is slow, then don't get a CBR125! Depends on how much you were revving the RS though as it needs to be in power band! The RS125 should really kill the CBR125 power wise. Glad your going for a sports bike and not a cruiser like most women seem to.
  9. Re: test ride Aprilia rs125

    I reckon, because if you find Aprilia 'a bit slow' then I doubt you'd be happy with CBR which has even less poke!
  10. an Aprilia 125 is slow...unitl you hit about 9,000 revs! then look out!

    CBR250 - less high end rush but still heaps of fun. More poke low down.
    CB250 - very slow haha.
    CBR125 - I don't want to know.
  11. The CBR125 looks like it handles really well from the UTube video CBR125 Yess. He/She is really throwing the thing around like a gp bike. But it took like 14 seconds from 0-100 km/h. Wonder if that beats a CB250? :grin:
  12. You don't need to worry about the power in anything 250 or below since with those cc's you really need to want to wring the speed out of them before they oblige.
    If you don't twist the wrist too hard they'll happily putter along slow enough for anyone.

    And one day having that extra power available might actually save your ass...
  13. Considered a second hand across? (Suzuki) or athe new Kawasaki 250?
  14. Re: test ride Aprilia rs125

    A 4 stroke 125 will be slow as all buggery. It sounds like your kx80 because they are both 2 strokes. If you want a power comparison, a 2stroke is about twice as powerful as a similar sized 4 stroke. so a 2 stroke 125 will be about as powerful as a 4 stroke 250. Very rough, but thats what your looking at.

    The biggest difference is that a 2 stroke power band is very different to a 4 stroke power band, a 4 stroke will have a smoother wider power band, but a 2 stroke will have a smaller "rougher" band.

    A cbr125 will probably be slower then your kx80, and so will all 4 stroke 125's. You could try a zzr250, which is a fared 2cyl sportyish bike. It won't be as powerful as a cbr250rrrrrr, but it will be a bit more torquey and smooth.

    The weight shouldn't be a problem, once as you get going, countersteering doesnt require a lot of strenght, and low speed steering doesnt either. At a set of lights you arent really holding the bike up, you are just balancing it. The only time you really need to battle the weight is when you drop it. But theres almost always someone around to give you a hand.