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Sports Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Honda Phantom, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. Ive got the cash and STILL thinking about what sort of bike i should get... One day i like cruisers, the next i want a sports bike. If i decide to get a cruiser, ill most likely get a 2002 Kawasaki VN250 Eliminator. If i decide to get a road bike,.... well i dont know.

    Which is a better bike on average. (resale value, parts cost, wear and tear, insurance costs, etc )

    In order of favorite:
    Aprilia RS250-
    NSR250 -
    CBR250RR -

    Is it easy to get parts for the RS250 and are they too costly ??? And whats the go about rebuilds and stuff ???

    I have around $AU 7,500 to spend... i dont have to spend that much though.

  2. Not that I have too much experience on this but ultimately you're probably gonna want a bigger bike after your p's. I've ridden a couple of mate's 600s and 750s and they make my 250 look like even more of a toy so there's no question about getting off it as soon as possible.

    With that in mind go for whatever is well-priced and low maintenance. I'm probably gonna spend about $7000 on my first 600/750/900ccer.
    You can get a cbr250 for under $5K if you play your cards right and you won't have to stuff around with it like a two stroker. That or you can go cheaper again a la, across, GPX, ZZR etc.
  3. Its hard to go past any advice that Martyh has to give..

    When he has his serious hat on that is.. which it usually isnt....

    But it was on in the post above...
  4. I'd also agree with Marty. Although I was tempted by the faster 250s, I realised regardless I'd be ditching it when I could to get a bigger bike, and something reliable was a much better idea for someone as mechanically-challenged as myself ;)

    Ended up with a GPX250, which is still quick enough thru the twisties to be loads of fun, even if it does have the top end speed of the CBR-like 250s (and the 2-strokes :p). My little bike stops just in time too, doesn't it Marty? ;) Gotta watch those unmarked corners :p
  5. yup martys on the money as usual. dont blow all your cash on your bike (speshly your first one) i garauntee you'll want a new one within 6 months, let alone the 15 before your actually allowed to upgrade :LOL:

    spend the remainder on some gear, it more important to get good gear (decent helmet, full leathers, good boots, good gloves) than to get a good bike. i know its tempting to blow it all on the bike but gear is VERY important. i'm sure someone here could dig up some pics if you really need to see what can happen without decent gear :shock: :?
  6. I've only had my 2000 zx6r and already wanting a new one :evil:. My suggestion will be go with something cheaper (meaning performance is second) than after the P get a proper bike.