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Sports Bike service costs

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Gansta, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. Howdee,

    My CBR600F4i is due for its 24,000km (major) service soon. I recently emailed a few places and the quotes were between $450-$600. This kinda blew me away! Since they were all in the same ball park i assume this is normal?
    ~$50 for oil and $80 for spark plugs. Is this right? I think I might do the simple stuff myself and leave the valves etc for the experts to try and brings the costs down.

    What are your thoughts? Can you recommend somewhere else to try that may be cheaper (but good?)

  2. My first major service on my ZZR600 (12,000km) Cost me $256 at Slipstream Motorcycles in Sunbury. Shane there was really helpful and informative about a heap of other stuff I quizzed him about as well.

    Peter Stevens had quoted me $350.

    I'm happy to go with the local bloke, seems he's cheaper and a whole lot more convenient than taking it all the way to Carlton (where I have to do it on a Sat).
  3. Sounds correct. 24,000km will likely sparkies whereas a 12,000 doesn't. On an F4i there's a fair amount of labour too around injector/computer maintenance. I'm around the $550 mark for a major service on the VFR.
  4. a minor service is just the oil, oil filter and maybe plugs and air filter. a major involves all the above plus brake fluid change, and inspection of the motor and minor adjustments that might need to be made. there is a bit of work to be done and you are best to leave that kinda stuff for those that know what they are doing.

    i forked out $650 for my bandit but had a cam chain and tensioner replaced as well so i thought i did pretty well out of that. this reminds me though, i'll need to fork out for this again in the near future, the YZF is getting close to major time :(

    if you want to do the simple stuff yourself, it will save you a couple of bucks. but i'd expect the larget part of the bill to be the work on the motor....
  5. sorry for digging up an old thread, but new information could be useful.

    I am looking to service my bike (cbr600f4i)
    things needed to be done are:

    valve clearance
    chain and sprocket change
    engine oil and oil filter change

    coolant change
    flushing of brake fluids
    change of brake pads
    air filters

    need an estimate on how much its gonna cost me, and recommend me a place to get it done :)
    perhaps anyone who had recently serviced their bike can put some information down for future reference as well!


    * am located in north melb, areas in the CBD or inner city are ideal :)