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Sports Bike Panniers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by FALCON-LORD, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. I am looking at Pannier options for the tail of the R6.
    I am always a bit of an overkill sorta guy, so I am looking at a target volume of about 60Litres total capacity.
    I have found three good options that stand out.
    The Oxford X60
    The Ventura Monza II
    Or the Dririder Touring Panniers.

    So… What other options are there?
    Why would I buy the Oxfords at over 50% greater price.
    Any one with any review info worth mentioning?
  2. if you have a rack get the rjays expandable bags holds something like 80ltrs....

    and surprising it's actually fairly waterproof, and you can pick em up for 100 at amx
  3. No Rack for me.
    I am trying to keep it so all luggage evidence can be removed. (Nothing Bolt on)
    I have a Ventura Tail pack, so that adds 22 litres to whatever solution I decide to go with for panniers.
  4. fair enough, i remember ratty had like a huge leather bag that he used to strapped over the rear pillion seat of the gsxr, and sort dropped down slightly on either side, it required no racks, looked pretty heavy and solid made, no idea where he got it from, maybe pm him or if you can't get hold of him let me know and i see if i can get the details

    sorta like the loop bags

  5. I tried a set of DriRider panniers on the b12 (i got them for nothing, and have since passed them on to someone else), but they had a soft bottom, and if I put anything of any weight (more than a couple of pairs of socks) in the right hand side one it would touch the exhaust.

    So I'd suggest you try them on your bike before you hand over any money, or at least get make sure you can get your money back if they don't fit properly.
  6. Checkout this thread. Post #5 (clicky)is my review on a sportsbike option you might consider.

    It's the Kriega system. I use it daily and when touring.
  7. Ummm… I have asked about Panniers, not tail packs, I have a tail pack, I am looking for Panniers to Augment that. So that doesn’t help
  8. From B12’s input looks like the Dririder are not the best solution.
    Any one got any info on these options?
  9. I have the oxford tail bag and panniers for the zed. total of 80L and I paid about $150 for both.
  10. Cool, how much weight do they handle? Where did you get this great deal?
  11. I got the Oxford X60s in black from Peter Stevens (Melbourne city) about a year ago, can't remember the price. Worked great for me.

    Only thing I don't like is that the rain covers (which I always use in any weather as I think it gives additional security from nosey people who like to undo zips) are also coloured black, and they obviously cover the reflective material. I was expecting the rain covers to be a bright colour. Oh well.

    For mounting (on a GS500) there are three velcro straps that go under the seat connecting the two panniers. They also give you four separate backpack type straps for reserve mounting which I threw in the bin as they didn't work for me; I used a couple of zip ties on each pannier and a couple of bungees linking the pannier fronts and rears. See here for a not particularly informative picture of bike plus panniers.
  12. I've got some of these: http://www.bikebiz.com.au/products/Dririder-Bikeman-Twin-Bags.html

    They work well, not as nice looking as the other ones, but they have a hard plastic insert in the bottom & hold heaps. Expandable too. They fit everything we needed for 10 days around tassie including cooking gear.

    They drape over the seat & you can run straps below the seat as well. They've fit, more or less, on the three bikes I have tried them on without any issues.

    The only thing to be wary of would be your exhaust position, if it goes up at an acute angle, it may get in the way.
  13. I've got DriRider throw-overs, but, because my bike has a high-rise Staintune, I can't just drape them over the seat. So I got my local metal shop to make up a metal carrier that sits on the Ventura rails, supports the panniers and keeps the right hand one clear of the exhaust.
  14. The Oxford products seem to be very good quality, based on the tail bag Strada Girl uses on her Multistrada.

    Of course, I like my Ducati hard panniers. They even hold the bike up when it has a lay down!
  15. Don't get me wrong they were good, but just not on the B12. The guy I gave them to is as happy as a pig in poop. His exhaust is mouted lower than mine. He's got an older BMW K100.

    Putting on mounting racks, as rc36 has done, would help.
  16. Cool, thanks for the clarification.
  17. I went and did the Shop hop, looking at the options.
    My Conclusions.
    First Mars leather to look at the Motodry offering. Good construction, holds its shape well. Approximately $170 It’s a good thing that I had done my research because the guy at the shop didn’t have much of a clue. Any way. They were a pretty straight forward option, two valcro straps, a zip around the top so that they expand across the top keeping the bottom the same size.
    Next to Yamaha City. They had the Ventura offering. Approximately $180, I was seriously underwhelmed with it. The bag didn’t hold its shape well at all, the materials were good, but why spend more to get less? They have Two vlacro straps, and a handle on the top for carrying.
    So onto Peanut Stevens. To look at the Oxfords… Man they are good. Construction is fantastic, they hold their shape, and are the largest of the 3 options. Unlike the other two options the Oxford have 3 straps one is set lower on the bag than the other two. It goes under the pillion seat with the other two straps over the top. There are then adjustable tethers at the bottom front and rear to hook them onto the foot pegs. They also have a handle mounted at the front of the panniers so when you are carrying them the back is down. These expand by having a zip around the rear, so the front keeps the same dimensions and the rear opens out. This keeps them out of your way, but may lead to a bit of sag once they are full (still to confirm)
    But… $300 for a pair F#$k That!
    So I jump on Flea bay. 88 GBP +20GBP in shipping… some quick Math’s… $190 SOLD.
    5 days later and they rock up (From England)
    Now comes Fitting time.
    The one minor issue with these that I found is that they are very long. This means that they do obscure your Indicators a bit. But they have good clearance from the pipe.
  18. I told you so. :D

    You should have researched the price from overseas, and offered Peter Stevens AU$200 on the spot, take it or leave it. They may have come to the party, and you would have had them five days earlier.

    Actually, 108 GBP is only AU$180 right now, so PS may not want to price match. Also, there will be an international transaction fee on your credit card, which is sometimes stupidly high.