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Sports Bike Handlebar Conversion

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Disco_Dave, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    I am considering clip-on bars of my SV650S to a straight bar configuration.
    I know there are kits available and apparently SV650N parts can also be used.

    I just wanted to know:
    - Does anyone here have any experience having completed this modification? did you do it yourself or use a mechanic?
    - Does anyone know whether there are any legal requirements? (this is for street use)
    - Does anyone know any Australian suppliers for these kind of kits? I've only found one thus far


  2. Hi Dave - I can't comment personally on the SV - however there's a heap of active guys on the SV forum: svrider.com
    You should get good info on suppliers there too.
    Fitting shouldn't be an issue if you can spin a spanner in a half sensible fashion.

    Legally i can't see an issue either. Let us know how it goes.
  3. There was a time when I would have said its easy, been bitten doing this a few times. Nothing insurmountable but you expect a nice simple job and it ends up taking 3/4 of a day, eg grip doesn't come off easy, stupid pins in the switch blocks that need to go into holes in the bars, cables or wires or hydraulic lines that are to long or short or go the wrong angle ect ect.Finding what sequence it needs to go on the new bars so it just slips on with the cable length etc and you don't need to pull stuff further apart, eg hydro lines getting disconnected and then bleed,good to avoid if you can and mostly you can but sometimes not. Have fun.O yer, using multi adjustable clipons are way better for comfort that non adjustable ones but cost one hell of a lot more.You can also get swan neck clip ons that go a bit higher and are adjustable for angle as well.
  4. Lol, after ZimZim 's comments i wish I hadn't said anything!! He does have a point though - and i do remember most of those points in between swear words.

    Have a look at Apex risers, nice bit of kit, but the dollar sucks now.
  5. I'd probably take the lazy way out and just buy a naked Sv after thinking about all the wotifs that zim just threw at you. Lol
  6. I hope I don't put anyone off giving it a go, making the ergonomics suit your body shape is a very worthwhile thing to do, and good fun to boot. I was just attempting to flag some issues that have caught me out. By far the biggest pain was the GTS Bevel Ducati with the horrible mini ape hangers , we swopped to Laverda adjustable bars, that went great till we found that Ducati had run the switch block wiring through the middle the original bars, this was years before shrink wrap, we cut the wiring and added connectors, ugly with huge potential for poor electrical connects over time.Shit fight comes to mind. Thankfully that stupid idea has disappeared from bikes
  7. Not me mate. I have changed bars on bikes a couple of times and lived through the issues you have raised.

    What I haven't done is fitted bars to a bike that leaves the factory with clip ons, which would also mean changing the top triple clamp to accomodate bar risers. This means removal ( at meat partially) of forks, etc, so comes with another pain in the arse.
    Makes buying a naked SV look easy! Lol
  8. Thanks for the advice guys.
    I am erring towards using a kit similar to this Handlebar Conversion Kit - Handlebar Conversion Kits - Controls
    Looks to be reasonably straight forward, not sure if anyone has any experience with that brand?
    THe particular concern I have is with legal implications. I do not want to have to get an engineers certificate or install a modification that is illegal for street use (which also has insurance implications).