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sports bike for longer commutes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by damien613, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. hey guys, well probationary period time is nearly up so I'm looking to upgrade from my trusty GPX 250 to something abit more suited to my height and to my travel to work each day...

    at the moment I'm loving the fuel economy I'm getting from the GPX, roughly 450km until I need to flick to reserve - my travel is roughly 140km daily (to and from) and is mainly freeway straight line stuff, with a little lower speed stuff once I get closer to work...

    I realise I am going to sacrifice fuel economy for a bigger bike, but is there a larger bike that may be better for me? I'm open to suggestions and like the looks of the R6, GSXR 600, CBR 600, Daytona 675, ZXR 600 etc to give you an idea of style I'm looking at...

    I'm about 178cm and a lightweight (70kg). My GPX is just way too small for me, my posture is ****ed on it and sitting at lights I dont feel comfortable as my legs hang out the sides like I'm a giant!

    any suggestions appreciated so I can start looking around, thanks guys...

  2. you will struggle getting much more than half of that tank range on any modern sports bike. plus you will rack up the kms and people are afraid to buy 2nd hand sportbikes with decent kms.

    id be looking more at something sport tourery or even something like a vstrom 650 with 22l tank they have a decent range. but personally for those kms i would be all over a bandit 1250. clost to $10k ride away and theyre a wheelie/touring machine that can take huge kms

    you would be suprised how much fun "non sports" bikes can be on the road. especially commuting.
  3. D675 is uncomfortable and shit to ride around town. Plus it's not awesome on fuel. I try not to use it for commuting. Maybe try a naked middleweight or a Kwaka ZX-9R? I got a mate with one, and he says its quite comfortable. It'll take the large amount of commuting kays in it's stride, being bigger capacity.
  4. Something like a Z1000 or Street Triple will make a MUCH better commuter than a faired sports bike.
  5. For a fairing styled motorcycle: Triumph Sprint. Light in terms of sports tourers and is comfortable for long rides. Easy to handle around town and has plenty of torque so you dont need to keep some 600cc engine buzzing.
  6. I've said it elsewhere and I'm sayin it again - Honda VFR.. anywhere from 700cc up

    Quite a few of them pop up on ebay with 120,000kms+ and still going hard.. apparently comfortable for long boring travel too
    If you find one with low ish km's you can safely bet its going to last a looooooooooong time

    But.. its all down to personal taste
    Make a shortlist and then go try em out

  7. +1 for the VFR. You can't get everything you want out of a supersport, that's a fact.
    Do you want to buy new? If you are looking second-hand, see if you can find a low ks CBR600F. Still very sporty, but much better suited to the big ks than those you have listed. Comfortable, economical, reliable, fun. Why don't they make a bike like this any more?
  8. zx9r for sure, bullet proof, powerful, cheap, easy to ride.
    Wouldn't expect much on the fuel side though.
    First bike I rode off my restrictions :) Just a bit heavy for a 65kg guy like me
  9. BMW F800ST might be an option too - have seen reports of it's fuel economy beating my 250R's. Might not be as exciting as a 600 sportbike, though...
  10. excellent thanks for your suggestions guys...

    I like the triumph sprint / street triple & zx-9r... honda VFR looks alright also...

    I was also possibly thinking a motard? has anyone had experiences with these bikes??

    reason for mtard is it sits higher, I love the sound of them and love dirt bikes... but when it comes to road bikes I prefer the sportier look. however I have seen a few street triples and they do look awesome!

    so unless there are more suggestions thats my short list for now. thinking of going brand new or unless I can find 2nd hand with low km's seeing as I'll be putting a few km's on it myself...
  11. Your definetly looking at the wrong type of bike for those K's (shit thats huge BTW..140?!)
    Steer away from sports!!
    My 750 averages 240k's on a tank to give you a rough indication, and pins and needles you in the fingers at times on shorter than 40'k squirts.
    You need something more like a Dual Sports - V-Strom 650 sounds the go!
  12. I wouldn't buy a brand new bike with the intention of pilling on kms. Will absolutly kill the resale value. I'd got a high capacity well maintained bike ie 01 zx9r with 30-50 kms. I've seen some running strong at well over 100,000.
  13. point taken there, and good idea thanks will keep that in mind actually. I dont exactly have a fortune as I'll be needing a bank loan as it is!
  14. Motard will be just as bad comfort wise on the freeway as as supersport, plus the singles vibrate like buggery. Sport tourer or dual sport is what I'd be looking at.
  15. Bandit 1250 Nakid......cheep reliable AND fun.
  16. Street triple really isn't going to be practical doing that many kays on a highway. It's a fun bike for the twisties, around town and can handle a track day or two - but not designed for the purpose you have in mind. Stick to sport tourers. As other have mentioned Sprint, VFR800, F800ST would be where I'd be looking.
  17. I don't often plug my bike to others because it depends on personal taste but as soon as I saw "freeways" and "140km commute" I thought of the Sprint. IMO it'd be an excellent choice.

    I agree with those who tell you not to buy new but there's plenty of secondhand ones around.

    From what I read the Bandit and Wee/V-Strom would also be well suited.
  18. Damn -- why is it that it seems to me everyone that rides a sports bike is a lightweight
  19. Sports bikes themselves are lightweights.... once you get on a nice comfy sports tourer, youll get addicted to the comfort.
  20. 1250 bandit would be perfect. Only 12000 or so brand new so an absolute bargain at that.

    Edit... also a motard would be useless for you. Most would struggle to get you to work once on a tank let alone back as well. Definately not for long commutes with they're highly strung singles and tiny tanks.