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Sports Bike for Courier Work? $3K budget

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by mtr rdr, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. My line of work involves a fair amount of stop start delivery driving, upto about 35-40 times a day (over 6hrs). Am thinking about ditching my car, & getting a riding licence.

    So far am considering 3 bikes,

    Honda NSR 150SP (2 stroke),

    Honda CBR 250,

    Honda CT110 postie bike.

    Am almost 30, so not restricted by engine size, more restricted to a $3K budget and choosing a bike that is suited to courier work. Part of my incentive to get a bike is to own a nice sporty vehicle... but also to save money on petrol/rego etc...

    Are my choices practical for this style of stop/start work...?
  2. Sports bikes and courier riding aren't a common mix as sports bikes traditionally have higher costs for maintenance.

    Lots of couriers use road/trail bikes, some use commuter type bikes... a few use larger bikes (but they tend to be older or unfaired).

    Don't get me wrong it could be done, but there are more appropriate choices of bikes to sit on for 6 to 8 hours a day!
  3. Last time I was looking, you could pick up a CBR600F2/F3 for those dollars, and a few older VFR750s. Even an XR600 or a Dominator, both of which are well loved courier models, can probably be found at that price level in reasonable nick. I'd be looking at those sorts of things, forget about the NSR 2-strokes, you're looking for long-life reliability. And as for posties, great fun to fart about on and jump logs with but so gutless they can be pretty scary in traffic.
  4. Most couriers (if not using trailbikes) also love shaft drive.

    As such I would recommend a Honda (blurgh) Revere. In chain drive form (the Bros) it was a competitve middleweight sports twin for many years.

    Not many other shafties with a modicum of sports performance. Maybe VX800 or GS650G Katana.
  5. Or a GTR 1000. A little big maybe, but stacks of storage, shaft drive, reliable as anvils, cheap to maintain, mondo torque, nice low first gear for urban crawling, and a detuned Ninja engine, which I can assure you is plenty sporty and sounds extremely menacing over 6K rpm.
    $3k will put you into a nice one around 1990 or so.
    They are also not cool, so no one will pinch it!
    Regards, Andrew.
  6. Given what you've listed and the budget you might find this interesting:
    Obviously hard to tell what Chinese reliability is like but for 2k+ORC brand new I doubt you'd find a CBR250 or NSR150 for that price that'd be any more reliable. For city work 150cc should be more than enough - several million Chinese can't be wrong. Problem is that most of the small capacity used bikes are inflated in price due to learner demand - and a lot of the bigger stuff for that sort of price could end up costing a lot more in repairs/maintanence.
    Oh and a sports 2-stroke is probably about the worst choice you could make for stop-start courier work. They're really designed to be run flat-out or not at all.
  7. with the k's a courier does, you'd be rebuilding your 2 stroke NSR once a week on payday...
  8. A lot will depend on where you're riding. If it's all inner city and especially CBD, performance isn't quite the same issue and a postie bike is the best for getting through slow moving traffic. A little bit of care and they last forever. The automatic clutch helps when you're on and off it all the time. If you want to go at any speed though, you'll need more power..

    For what you need, simple is best. A big single or twin with lots of torque that sits up high is best. You don't want to be riding in a sports position trying to look over traffic to see where you are.

    Loz's suggestions of the XR600 and the like make sense. I can't think of any circumstances where the NSR would be worth any consideration at all (in your circumstances). Performance and sportiness is fun - but what you need here is comfort and reliability or you'll regret it within a week.
  9. I would think a GPX would fit, or maybe a VTR250 or Spada as other thoughts.

  10. it's great. just ask wun long taim.

    (insert bad joke here)

    oh wait it appears i only needed one sentence.
  11. CB250? under $3k, costs about a cup of coffee to run per week.
  12. A fat big bore traily will do the job for you, nothing's faster in the city.

    Just make sure it's electric start!
  13. in roadikes CBR600 F2/3 are popular among Sydney couriers. otherwise Dominator, KLR650 etc.

    Saw a Virago with it's chain let go in Philip st today, in the pissing down rain :(
  14. I suggest an XT250/350/500 or XL250/500
    Easy to maintain, cheap to operate.
  15. XT600, or XR400/600/650. cheap, reliable and a bucketload of fun (in the city, in the mountains or on the dirt!)

  16. older cbr 600 are popular indeed seen lots of couriers with em,
    GS 500 (faired if u wana look cool)
    any trail bike will do the job,

    CBR250 too uncomfy/pricy
    NSR is a big no no, it will blow up being ridden in the city all day
    110ct u will die cause wont be able to get out the way of something in time
  17. Tnx heaps for all the input. Type of work i do is meter reading for energy australia, sometimes i don't have to travel to far as alot of the work is on foot around cbd area's (nth sydney, chatswood, st leonards etc where parking is metered, or unmetered area's like ryde, gladesville, hornsby).

    Was interested in the NSR mostly as a mate had a good one for sale and it also matched the colours of my work uniform (orange/blue) however am worried about reliability of 2 stroke... sometimes work is in more rural area's where i stop/start for 5+ hrs up around berowra/brooklyn/galston etc, so plenty of open road and k's to cover... :]

    Will investigate the suggestions posted and keep doing my research... cheers for the help... and i guess a trail bike would be cool too, currently ride a downhill mountain bike off road and would be selling my 4wd...

    Guess am after comfort, style and cost effective...

    mtr rdr