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Sports are dangerous

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by devochka, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Now this, is funny...

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  3. good wrestling match.
  4. Which fight? I saw about 17 ...

    I may be a very wrong headed person, but I don't understand that stuff. You so lose all control that you go after someone and try and knock their block off. But every player has a stick and a pair of skates. Now people do sometimes get injured by sticks and skates, but that almost always seems to be accidental. Which means people can control themselves enough not to do real murderous stuff. So ... how can you lose enough control to punch someone 37 times, but not try and slice his head off with the stick? Maybe I'm the one with the problem, but it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to me.

    I think casual violence in sport - especially that one - has been tolerated far too much for far too long. The fact that you're playing a very physical game is no excuse to turn around and pop someone. It's not tolerated in any other walk of life - so why is it ok in front of a crowd?

    There isn't much ice hockey played in this country, but there's a fair bit of rugby league and other football codes, and while they don't seem to be quite as bad as the ice hockey blokes, they're still way too ready to punch on. That has an effect on the psychology of the players, and the spectators. As an old cabbie, I can tell you with real authority that you're a lot more likely to wear a casual smack in the head from a footballer - player or fan - than anybody else. I don't see why we put up with it.

  5. I think its a big part of the game in ice hockey and the NHL encourage it. Taking the fighting out of it would be like taking the fighting out of boxing. You could see from there facial expressions, that they wern't bloodlusting, they were fighting by choice and I don't think anyone would suggest that the fights were instinctual and couldn't have been avoided.

    I don't mind a fight in rugby league or union, but that's because it's about the only interesting thing that will ever happen in a match. People like to watch a fight and while that remains the case, sporting leagues will allow a little bit of biff.

    Games which are actually interesting on there own merit such as soccer and cricket will not tolerate any fighting. [Flamesuit on]
  6. Of course it is. The commentators sounded like they normally call ring fights and do hockey in the off season.
  7. This is a fight, gets interesting after 1min mark

  8. ooo yeah! That was a fight.
  9. Good to know that respected fighting styles are being corrupted by commercial typecast scripted crud.
  10. They need to start prosecuting players for assault/battery. If its a chargeable offence Off the footy field why the hell should it be Ok On it.
  11. Higher ratings = more profit for those with influence.
  12. And for the Kid playing under 16's that gets King hit behind play and hospitalised cos some idiot saw his "hero" do it in the AFL?
  13. Exactly.

    I agree - there should be charges of assault laid in the more blatant cases. It's one thing to tackle the man with the ball - that's what the game's about, but it's a different thing when three blokes pick him up and try and drive his head into the ground on an angle designed to break his neck. We wouldn't tolerate a player running up and kicking another payer in the head while he was held in the tackle - so why do we tolerate blokes taking swings at each other?

    Boxing is boxing. You want to make a sport out of combat - that's fine. Oddly enough, they don't tolerate one bloke biting the other one's ear off in boxing, even when the other guy was cheating fairly blatantly and the ref was permitting it to go on.