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Sportintegral helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Salub, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. I’m thinking about getting a BMW Sportintegral helmet but I keep on hearing that they are really bad in the rain. Can anyone out there let me know if this is true?

  2. Fancy the fact that BMW might make something that is in effective, but you are right in your questioning this BMW helmet.......................shit, they don't stop the rain falling at all! :rofl:

    pfft BMW pfft!!
  3. They are excellent in the rain
    where did you hear that codswallop?
    Owned one now for 2 years.
  4. I heard the codswallop from hours of surfing the net; mind you I found more pros than cons. Anyway thanks smee that’s what I was looking for someone that owns the Sportintegral and can give it an honest call.
  5. I also own a SportIntegral helmet and have had no real issues that I can think of in the rain...
    sure it gets wet...but how are you meant to stop that?? hahaha.

    I can't comment on the safety of the helmet, but I've been "told" that they are amongst the best...
    I have no comparison in regards to road noise but if you don't have anything between the neck of the helmet and your clothing, the storm effect is definitely there.
    What I do is just pull my jacket up higher so the collar meets the helmet and it's fine.

    The visor is really easy to intentionally remove and has great visibility, the mouth vent works wonders for getting a nice breeze through and de-fogging w/o lifting the lid...
    however the vent on top of the lid seems to do nothing for me. I can't feel any change when I open/close it.

    Downsides for me are the fact the internal cheek lining cannot be removed for washing.
    Mine is only a few months old and I dare not think of what it will be like within a few years time...
    Edit: The head lining can be removed.

    As for styling, mine is matt black (like your avatar) and I have also purchased a tinted visor.
    To be honest I am not that happy with the shape of it, I would rather a more classic racing style helmet...
    this one is a bit too marvin-the-martian. Having said that, even though my friends say I look like an alien they all express their jealously and say I look awesome.

    This is a pretty dodgy photo:


    Hope that helped ya some what champ.