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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Cronus, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. I got onto a this site after a mate of mine bought a jacket from them and made a nice saving in doing so a site called sportbiketrackgear.com I usually browse it to look at gear, new lines in america and add ons for bikes, as i was browsing I saw the new helmet from ICON, the varient, and decided that i thought it looked awesome and after watching the sales pitch and the review I decided i wanted it. (this is it http://stores.sportbiketrackgear.com/Detail.bok?no=7191 the review is at the bottom when u click on one)
    I sent off an email about sizing compared to my ARAI vector and got a very helpful response so I proceeded to place the order seeing as they have fixed shipping, and got a few extras.

    DISASTER...! so i thought, as it was processing it came up with an error and i checked my bank it was showing i was down the order amount, ah oh, sent a prompt email to them with the details of my order and the error and all that and hit the hay.

    Next morning I had a number of emails in reply, one assuring me the order had not gone through and that the money is bouncing back and another with the list of my items and a nice discount on them and one from there pay guy letting me know if i want to order use this and ill get the discount and to email when I ordered.

    All in all everything went well and I hope to see my Varient in the next couple of weeks will definately be using them again as they were helpful and friendly.
  2. Hope you won't be using it on the Aussie roads!
  3. it has been tested to meet Aus standards but it won't come with the sticker.

    oddly enough you get far better service buying on-line from the states than you do at the typical local bike shop.
    they really do value their custommers over there.

    look forward to your review on that helmet... i think it would give awesome vision on the street, but not convinced the peak will be very aerodynamic on freeways.
  4. I've found this too. I suspect it is the salutary effect of 10% and rising unemployment and no welfare state.
  5. i've bought from STG a few times, had one hiccup with out of stock gloves and no courtesy email, but after that was resolved i was happy enough to buy from them another 2 times
  6. STG have great customer service! and fantastic prices
  7. yeh theyre really good and with the exchange rate can get a bargain like the ARAI corsairs was sooooo tempted.

    I'll give the helmet a full write up once i've ridden in it for a week and let everyone know
  8. I bought my Alpinestars SMX-5's from STG and saved a shitload of money for my efforts.
    Local bike shop wanted $500, the same ones from STG were about $300 delivered.
  9. STG have an amazing range of product reviews on youtube - perhaps the most useful source for info on bike gear I've come across.

    It is totally illegal to get a helmet from the US though, without the Aus Standards sticker you're in trouble if anyone pulls you up for it.
  10. yeh i've heard this a number of times but i always thought anyone that pulls u up for the lack of AUS standards sticker would probably know that they're looking at a $900au ARAI/SHOEI/AGV helmet and wouldnt bother... and im sure it wouldnt be to hard to get off at the end of the day, i think the main issue is with the TAC cause theyre always looking for ways out of their obligations.
  11. Since you're mentioning the TAC, I'm guessing that you're in Victoria, right?

    If so, do NOT kid yourself here. If you get pulled up and your helmet is checked and it doesn't have the sticker, you WILL receive a fine for not wearing a helmet regardless of if it's a $900 Shoei, and you WILL NOT "get off at the end". Numerous people have been done for this in recent times. Always remember, just because it doesn't make sense in your head that it should be like this, then that doesn't mean that it isn't reality. The reality is that you WILL receive a 3 demerit point offense, and a fine in the order of $238, or whatever it is nowadays.

    Edit: Oh, and STG are great. Bought from them many times over the last 4 years.
  12. Has anybody or anybody that you know ever been fined, insurance decilined etc for having a helmet bought from overseas which didn't have as 1698 sticker?
  13. Yes. Know of 3 people it's happened to recently (as in within the last 6 weeks). One of them posted a thread here in Netrider about it from memory.
  14. I thought it wouldn't be that easy to detect but I guess it is.
  15. Queensland are cracking down on it i know of 5 people who have had a check, they say to many people are importing from China. cheap knock-off are there speciality so ive heard.
  16. gotta love brain van's video reviews
  17. **** the local bike store. Saved $600 + $30 "try on" fee on my Shark RSR2 carbon ordering it form Germany. It's great!

    I could get fined twice and only on the 3rd time around would I break even with buying an Australian 'authorised' model. SAI global and Australian Standards are a ****ing corrupt joke.
  18. Sweeties the helmets for the US Market have "DOT Snell Approved" laminated into the Helmet Design at the rear exterior base. Darlings it stands out more than a 60 year old with a severe prostrate problem..........

    I parade mine proudly around the track...............

  19. so you get 6 points, fined $500 odd and if you live in Vic are not eligible for TAC cover... sounds like an absolute bargain.

    If you do trackdays, by all means but for the road IMO it's a pretty foolish thing to do...that $600 saving could ruin you financially if the shit hits the fan.

    Helmet prices are steep here, that's just how it is. If you are looking at buying and using a non Australian Standards approved helmet here you need to be aware of the potential implications.
  20. I might add, as I had the displeasure of reading a post by our resident vermin while logged out, that helmets from German do not have the "DOT" labeling on it. Now, there are dodgy $50-60 helmets on ebay with stickers....just saying.