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Sport/Touring tyre Choices

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by oz_johnno, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Howdi,
    I have been lovin the ZX14 for just about 2 months now and it and have done 6700km in that time.

    Great fun indeed but while I like the grip of the battlax 014's on the bike (reefton spur is a real treat), I find that they are a bit too soft when it comes to milage.

    At 6700km the back tyre has 'had the shaft', with only a faint outline of the centre tread left. The shoulders however seem to be holding up reasonably well.

    I currently weigh 130kg and run the rear at the manufacturer recommended 40psi (perhaps this is a little high ?)

    Anyways, I would like to keep the bike as a daily ride, but would also like to do so without it sending me broke in the process.

    Any tyre recommendations ??


  2. I got some Battlax 021s and absolutely love them. They give a confidence inspiring 'lean in' and seem pretty sticky. I was a fan of the BT010s I had on my CBR600 and these feel like a worth while touring equivalent.

    Not sure about sizes for your ZX14 but if they do 'em, I would rate them.

    I'm no expert on tyre wear so take the above with that in mind.
  3. Slower, smaller, older bike with bigger (I'm assuming!) but lighter rider here...

    The Pilot Road 2CTs are doing a BRILLIANT job on the VFR at the moment. I've done over 5,000km on them, a mixture of wet and dry, commuting, freeway and technical twisties. They have been wearing very evenly, in part to their design, but the benefit of the sticky sides means that they have way more in reserve than I do at all times. They certainly don't look half worn out yet.
  4. The 2CT only comes in a pilot power, pilot road 2 is what you want.
    They are both a dual compound tyre, however, the road2 is more suited to touring than the pilot power 2CT
  5. I vote again for the PR2's and mine are wearing very well and look like they will do great mileage. However you have much bigger ponies than the Bandit. :LOL:
  6. Quite correct. The PR2 is called "Pilot Road 2" but what threw me is the little "2CT" logos all around the edge of the tread.

    Definitely a dual compound though. I can actually see the interface between the compounds on the rear after the Whitfield ride when they ended up very warm in the bendy bits. The system works very well.
  7. Thanks for the help blokes, some good suggestions there that I will look into........

  8. i have been impressed with the Pirelli Rosso's
  9. i have been impressed with the Pirelli Rosso's
  10. Pirelli Rosso's ??

    what sort of milage do you get out of them ??