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Sport - Touring + Twisty Commuting

Discussion in 'Tyres' at netrider.net.au started by mav, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. I'll have a new bike this weekend, and it will be of the sport touring genre...

    i.e. Blackbird / Bandit 1250 / Sprint / VFR800 / Bandit 650

    so tyre choice is becoming an approaching factor

    i need advice on a tyre that will handle

    bike weight 300kg+ (including rider)
    kms per week = 750+ (every week of the year)
    road type - grooved uneven freeways at high speed, and seriously fun twisties (Old Pac)
    road conditions - wet + dry
    riding conditions - heat / snow / rain / hail / sleet / lightning storms / high winds etc...

    from what the internet says

    1. Bridgestone Battlax BT-023
    2. Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart II
    3. Metzler Roadtec Z8 Interact
    4. Michelin Pilot Road 3
    5. Pirelli Angel ST
  2. I've picked up a Blackbird recently, it came with Angel ST tyres. So far I'm happy with how they perform with all the weight (350kg+).. Although I have not tested them in wet properly.

    On another note, I had PR2's on my last bike and they were excellent, both grip in the wet and long lasting. I hear PR3's are only better.
  3. i'd get PR3's... ive had numerous sets of PR2's and happy with them... would put PR3's on all my bikes but they don't come in 200/55r17's :(

    edit for context:
    used them for sports and touring with pillion so weight would be up there... in Tassie, WA, Vic, and used them for commuting in melbourne.
  4. sounds like you have much the same needs as me, commuting to syd from the coast. i just replaced the tyres on my Z with Diablo Rosso II's. depending on how they hold up, i might go down the s/t tyre route.
  5. Heard good things about Conti RoadAttack2s. GT version is for heavier bikes. And Z8s.
  6. I've run two sets of Angel ST's on my Tiger 1050 (230-240kg wet + 90kg rider + gear), 'n two sets of Pilot Road 2's 'n one set of Pilot Roads.

    My favourite so far have been the Angel STs. To me they're not as calm/stable/slothlike as the Pilot Road 2s when riding in a straight line, but they feel more stable and trustworthy when leaned over in a corner. Cold + wet isn't much fun, but warm + wet is good. It seems like they can support a much steeper lean angle before running out of tyre too.

    The Angels haven't been noticably flatspotting either, with my mix of commuting and urban riding and twisty riding, which is good. Both sets of PR2s tended to noticably flatspot around 9000-10000km for me, and the PR1s were shaped like car tyres by the 7000km mark. :|

    On the PR2s I was consistently getting about 11,000km out of a rear and 13,000 out of a front. On the first set of Angels I managed 13000 before getting to the wear bars; still using the 2nd set.

    A lot of folks hate the Angels on principle because of the 1mm deep 'angel' imprint in the tyre tread. To them I say, "Meh!". Only took about 3 days of riding in Tasmania to scrub those off. >:3
  7. Ill correct it for ya Mav.................

    road type - grooved uneven freeways at high speed, seriously fun twisties (Old Pac), and a few 50 metre deep moon craters found along your street, that Trent (ONE) seems to love jumping his car over or using as chicanes lol.........
  8. my superduke came with roadsmart II fitted to it when i got it, not a bad tyre but didn't last very long at all.

    grip was about what you expect from a tyre of that type however and worked in the wet reasonably.

    would be better options out there than the roadsmart II
  9. this bothers me a bit, one thing i hated about riding the cruiser on the freeway was that it would constantly pick up the grooves and run with them

    how long would it take them to warm up? from my place to the freeway its about a 5min - 10min run, and that is done on twisty mountain uphills / downhills...which is quite a fun way to start the day...but not if its freezing winter in the valley and i've got cold tyres...

    did the Pilot's warm up any noticeably quicker?

    yeah cheers let me know how you go with those. might see you on either of those two roads some day
  10. I just put my 2nd set of Angels on a couple of weeks ago, I like them a lot, they seem good in all conditions. I live at the foot of the hills and haven't had any issues with slow warm up or scary moments. Last set lasted just over 10k which included 1000km flogging from an over night trip out through Bainsdale, Omeo, Falls Creek, Myrtleford, Whitfield and back down the black spur to home. Can't really compare them to much else yet until I try another brand, but at the moment I couldn't be happier with the Angels.
  11. The Metz are a nice tyre...but yup not so nice when cold. Lean grip is amazing...if your into showing off your chicken strips...haha good luck scrubbing off it all
    I like the angels but price is the factor on them
    PP's are PP's...your a fan..or not

    For the bandit dso forth I would be happy with the bridgestones..usually the most haggleable...on price. The bandit wont go over as far as the Viffer or sprint so why throw xtra bucks at the tyre on one...... I would want consistent in a tyre for a bike like that
  12. Re: Angel STs vs Pilot Road 2s
    My gut feel (such as it is; there're so many variables and bad memory to contend with, so take it with a pinch of salt) is that the Angel STs need a little bit more heat than the PR2s. Not racetrack-slicks where they won't get hot enough this side of 200kph - they're both sports-touring/road tyres afterall, but I'd guess they need a little more heat than the PR2 before leaning the bike right over or leaning on the throttle hard. Doubt it takes more than 1-2 minutes of riding at 60kph for 'em to warm up in reality; it's most noticable in the first few turns leaving my place/office. >.>
  13. I never had any of those tyres, but I like the profile of Bridgestone out of the tyres ive tried :)
  14. I've had the Angels and the BT023's. Thought the BT023's had better feel but the Angels turned in quicker. Feel was a bit more subtle but the grip was still good. There is a version of the BT023's for bigger bikes.
  15. so what is the best sport/touring tyre?

    all seem to have mixed reviews except maybe metzeler.

    how many people have tried a touring tyre on the back with a track tyre on the front?
    (for example PR3 and PP)
  16. ive done PR2 rear and PP front.... no probs, put it on in tassie then ran it in WA for a while before changing to PR2's both ends cause of tyre wear on straight roads lol
  17. I've just switched from SportMax to PR3s on the Ninja 1000. I liked the feel of the dunlops and the profile of the rear tyre made for no chicken strips and lots of boasting ;) but the PR3s feel just as grippy to me and possibly even seem to warm up faster on cold roads than the SportMax did. I haven't had them on long enough to talk about wear but grip is pretty amazing wet or dry, and the turn in on the PR3s is a dream.
  18. i have PR2 front (old) and PR3 rear
    have not had any other brand tyres on this bike so cannot compare.

    the dual compound is good because you can still put down some power on the side of the tyres at the track, although they are still street tyres so i wouldn't push too hard.

    the front has been fine but for some reason does not inspire confidence pushing into corners.

    thinking of a PP on the front or might try the metzelers
  19. z8's are the best i've found.
    but i'm yet to find a real all year round tyre.
    they all seem to have an optimum operating temp range
    the z8's have pretty much nailed it in every other aspect. wear, feel, wet grip, handling.
    they are a heavy carcas, but i don't find them a worry when cold. quite forgiving really.
  20. Mav from a long time XX owner
    Pr2s or 3s are fine will handle the job as will the metzlers,currently running diablo 2s and are fantastic