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Sport touring, ideas, suggestions etc.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Doggy, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Ok heres the story. Wife left me blah blah and I'm finding that I am making more trips to Brisbane then before. It's about 400km each way and at the moment I'm doing it on a Trumpy America. I've currently got 2 bikes in the shed and I've got no real use for my little GS500 now. I love the America so it won't be going but I have issues with it's lack of power at highway speeds. I live in the country and want to be able to get around those bloody cattle trucks asap! lol. So I reckon I'll trade/sell the GS and pick myself up a sports tourer type.

    I've been doing my research and have narrowed the list down to:
    (All 2nd hand, but no older than 5 years)





    I will be carrying a pillion off and on and I know none of them will be as comfortable as the America.

    I'm leaning towards the FZ-1s or the blackbird due to "user friendlyness" But the norty side of me wants a Busa or Z1000. All have adequate "Go" for what I need. All can be bought within my budget (12K). I reckon I'm a mature rider so I can resist the urge to destroy my licence (probably) lol. I've seen racks on all of them bar the Z1000. I need the luggage space so I can't not have a rack. I also have some issues with vibration (After 400km on the GS I can't feel my hands lol) So a smooth bike is a must.

    Anyone owned one of the above? Or ridden one for around the 400km's?

    Ideas or suggestions?

  2. Honda VFR800
    Suzuki Bandit
    Triumph Sprint ST
  3. You can get a rack for z1000.

    I want to say get the z1000, but if you're pillioning and doing regular freeway+ speeds, all the others are probably 'smarter' choices.. FYI z1000 pillion seat is quite uncomfortable.
  4. Ok checked out those. All would work. I'm not really fussed on the look of the 04 Sprints but the 04 VFR800 and the 1200s Bandit both look like they could work. Actually the Bandit is much much cheaper than the others. Might be worth a serious look. I could set it up with racks, pipe, new helmet and still be under the purchase price of the others. If the bandit is as bulletproof as the old GS then it could be the go.
  5. I haven't really heard anything bad about blackbirds, they seem to be pretty reliable (honda ;)).

    Would be nice with a double bubble or touring screen to take most of the wind off your body too.
  6. For what you want mate I'd be going with the Blackbird, Bandit or Sprint.
    Personally, (and I've been looking at them for myself) I think the VFR would run a 3rd place to thes two for your specific needs.
  7. Yeah looks like "bang for buck" it's the Bandit. Now I'll just have to tee up a demo ride. Rang team moto. They will only give me $1500 for my GS500 '03 with 16k on the clock lol. Thats funny when you look at the prices of em on Bikesales.
  8. :rofl:

    What scum bags! They'd go sell it for 6.5k the next day!

    Some guys at western motorcycles in penrith offered me 2grand when they saw it, I just laughed so they offered 3 as I was walking away. I sold it a few days later for 4400 and I could have sold it for a few hundred more because of its condition, but I just couldn't be bothered and wanted a quick sale.

    Sell private, its the way to go.
  9. All of the bikes you noted except the z1000 (as Phiz said pillion seat sux) will do what you need. However you mentioned comfort...

    Simple , Blackbird, super quick, fairly nimble, THE smoothest powerplant bar none (and the engine isn't even rubber mounted) excellent value for money, for your 12K you can get an 07 model with a couple of thousand on the clock, and Honda reliability, one of the most proven bikes in the last 10 years, purely bulletproof.
  10. Of the ones you listed I would buy the Blackbird, no question.