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Sport Tourer - Vibration? Recomendations Please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Doggy, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. Hi there Guys and Girls, I've started taking my lovely wife for some short w/e Highway trips (approx 100km each way). I've noticed that after about 30-40 mins of sustained Highway speeds my hands get "buzzed" and go numb. I have also noted that @ 110kph 2up I'm sitting on about 5k rpm and can barely see in the mirrors (vibration) and the bike feels like its reving it's guts out. I know its not and there is a long way till redline but it just isn't too comfy. I've done a 550km trip each way on it 1up and it was the same.

    Q. I'm looking for a bike thats small enough to ride comfortably around town (and the garage) and also on the Highway 2up without too much vibration. I would like to spend around $10k and don't really want a boat. I use my bike to get to the firestation for calls so I need to be able to race out a bash the starter and away I go. :grin:

    Options so far at local bike shops, all 2 of them (actually had a look at):

    2006 VT750: Its a boat, about 15' foot long but comfy and not too expensive 11K new. Mate has one he bought new 2005 but is now disapointed with. A bit over budget.

    2006 C50 Boulevard: It's a boat too but I think looks nicer, blows the budget by 2k and again is a bit too bulky for the garage.

    2002 HD XL883r Sportster: Right size, in budget at 9k, insurance is reasonable, comfy to sit on and has got the look but... I have heard some bad reports about the vibration of these little Hardleys.

    Anyone have any real life experiance with the above or any other reasonable suggestions. I really need to buy the wife new gear too so the budget is pretty tight.

    Thanks, :-k
  2. Aren't they all Big twin cruisers and so the vibrations are going to be just as bad if not worse then your GS?? Shouldn't you be after an inline 4 or something if it is the vibrations that are annoying you???
  3. I wouldn't class any of the above as sports tourers. Cruisers would be more accurate.
    I ride a vtr1000f and find it good for both the sporty stuff and the touring. It's ok 2 up but not ideal.
    If 2 up was more the requirement I'd look at a VFR800.
  4. Was just about to suggest a VFR, might also want to look at the Suzuki GSX750F - not exactly lightweight (but probably better than a a cruiser) but they're cheap and I've only ever heard good things from their owners.
  5. I know you've listed mostly cruisers but there is another option that might work for you.

    Honda are currently running out the 2005 Honda Hornet 900's.

    These bikes have seamless and smooth power (not intimidating) with excellent mid range acceleration and plenty of power for anyone except the outright loonies.

    The seats are comfortable and the bikes handle well.

    With a small fly screen and a rack/bag it would carry 2 people anywhere, but the bike is still fairly light (around 195kg from memory) and easy to ride around town. Better brakes, power and acceleration than the 600 Hornets also (and they aren't a bad bike at all).

    They are often overlooked, but are definitely one of the value buys at the moment at $10,990.
  6. thanks everyone, yeah the sports thing is more about me shooting off down town on jobs, not really "twisties". I'm not really into high speed sweepers etc, I enjoy relaxed highway riding.

    With the vibration, it seems that a few bikes use rubber engine mounts to smooth this out (mine dosen't). I don't know what others do.

    Also a friend has suggested an import Vmax. He has a custom one and loves it. It is comfy to sit on but haven't rode it.

    Also have been suggested a 2004 Sportster. They have rubber engine mounts but may be out of my price range.

    Thanks again Guys and Girls,
  7. For decent 2-up cruising, while you can get away with a mid-size bike like a 600cc or so, you might find it feels a bit underpowered, at times. Especially if it is mainly oriented toward "Sports". And will be pretty uncomfortable for the back-seater.
    The 'Doe'ville, from what I have read, is a bit insipid in the power dept, even though it is pretty underated overall.

    Have you thought of either the Blackbird or maybe the FJR Yamaha...both have power, and function quite well for two up touring. (The FJR is probably the better of the two for touring though)
    The Blackbird would be the cheaper of the two, I think?
  8. If you're into the cruiser thing, have a look at the Hyosung GV650 (Aquila), it pulls about 20 more hp than the other "mid-sized cruisers".

    If you want to get away from the cruisers and go for something smoother, I'd go with the VFR or an older Yamaha TRX, or go with ZRX1200R's advice and have a look at the Hornet...
  9. The 2004 and onwards Sportsters are rubber mounted and allot of the vibes have been eliminated, but they are not 2up machines for any length of time imo, the wheelbase & seating are not ideal for this type of work.
    The vmax whilst being one of the quickest cruisers is also on the smallish side for 2up cruiser work imo.
    You sound like you want a cruiser for this type of 2up riding; the Jap cruisers you mention are very affordable and will get you there comfortably, I would consider them with the budget you mention.
  10. Hey Doggy, I cant say about your other choices there but I have an '03 VT750 and ever since I changed those cowhorn handlebars and made it a bike instead of a wheelbarrow I think it's great, but I have the same problem at the moment with my other half, she love's day trips but that pillion seat is like sitting on a brick after about 20 min or so, and the 750 does lack power with 2 up in my opinion. If you go this way be prepared to shell out the extra bucks for a dual touring saddle pretty soon. As for the power, I hear that a decent air kit, jets and exhaust makes all the difference to these bikes so should'nt be a prob and can be done over time.
    Cheers Steve.
  11. Pete, whats the vibes like on the GV650? Thanks to everyone I've got some thinking to do.

    Thanks again,
  12. Not too bad. Haven't done any two-upping on it yet, But I've had it up to 130 with just me on it and could still se out the mirrors alright...
  13. Have you tried changing the bar weights ?. that may stop your hand buzzing
  14. I agree on the Hornet. I had a 99 model 600 and 2 up toured on that easily. very good for general all round stuff too. Rode the 900 last year and its a lovely package, bit boring if you like the look of sporty stuff, but if you can look past that, what an excellent bike.
  15. The engine configuration has a lot to do with the type of vibration you'll get.
    The parallel twin layout you're currently riding is well known to produce significant vibration, that will numb hands, feet and bum. Probably only singles are worse. This can be minimised if the bike is designed with balance shafts (but I don't think yours is).
    V twins, and by this I mean 90 degree twins, like Ducatis and VTRs, produce quite a lot of vibration, but if I remember correctly, most of it seems to be of the fore-aft type , rather than sideways (annoying) or up-down (REALLY annoying), so it tends to be a "nice" vibration. The same applies to the V4 in VFRS, due to the 360 degree timing of the crank, but just at a higher frequency.
    45 degrees V twins, of the Harley type, are real shakers, but there are many people that seem to like that, and they mostly have rubber mounting to keep it under control these days.
    Across the fram 4s are fairly smooth (to varying degrees) but do produce vibration in the high to very high range, which can be almost unnoticeable but still have the numbing effect at times. Triples are somewhere in between, as most seem to have balance shafts these days.
    If I were you, Doggy, I'd probably look at either an SV650 or something like a Fazer 600 or a Hornet 600.
  16. worth a shot, put light ones on my thundercat and the vibrations increased a little so i'd imagine a good heavy set might reduce it.

    but yeah, you want LESS vibrations but your looking at bikes that inherently have more? i just dont get it :p

    try a VFR750/800, YZF600R, CBR600F, GSX750F etc. any of the mid sized 4 cyl sports tourers would be exactly what you need, and a little more when you want it :twisted:
  17. Thanks,
    I think it's a high to medium high freq vibration that causes the "buzzing" so I'm going to look for a v-twin with rubber mounts, or a triple trumpy sprint? or a 4 cyl. That leave me a lot of room to look :grin: Why is it so hard to decide on a new bike?

    I think I'm going to have to look at a CBR600F. The local shop has a yellow and green one so I might have a look at that. There really isn't much choice out here so I think I may be shopping for a while.
    I'll let everyone know how I go.
    Thanks again
  18. Yeah, Andrew, Titus has hit the nail on the head; parallel twins no matter what they do with them, have a high-frequency 'sizzle' though the bars and mirrors. You should have seen what my old XS-650 could do to the welds and framework of my pannier rack; by the time I sold the bike the rack was more welds than metal.

    A V-twin will also vibrate, but in a different and not as destructive way. I'd have to agree (surprise, surprise) with a lot of the others and suggest the 900 Hornet. Go see if you can score a test ride on one at least; you might be pleasantly surprised....
  19. I've ridden a ZZR-600 600km in a day with no vibs.
    For a couple of lightweights it would be fine.
    But you're not holding on to tight are you?
  20. Ok after much soul searching I have narrowed down the search to the following:
    All can be had in the sub $10K price range.
    Sprint ST
    ZX9 *Edit for Z900 :grin:
    As you can see I've gone away from the cruisers and gone for a true sport tourer style. I'm leaning toward the Sprint or the FZ1 as 2up mid range touring will be the other major use.

    Thanks to all who replied, now I have to start shopping around. :? I'm stuck out here in the middle of know where and there are only 2 bike shops and both have little range in the 2nd hand bracket.

    Oh well,
    Thanks again.