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sport for fun

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Zenyatta_Mondatta, May 12, 2009.

  1. I was just doing the wii fit tonight and I wondered, how come you can't do sport for fun and for free, with other people? If you sign up for a competitive sport, you have to pay, etc etc. Wouldn't it be good if local communities had a free soccer night or a free tennis night and everyone just got together, got moving and had fun? I would love to be more active - I just don't want to pay to join a gym or sign up for a soccer club or tennis club.

    Does anyone's local area actually have anything like that?
  2. Unfortunately public liability insurance premiums makes things like free sporting events difficult to organise.

    I agree that it would be a great to have free community sporting events, but while people can sue for their own mis-fortune and stupidity its not likely to happen.
  3. Why can't it be something as simple as having your friends come along with you, and then the group gets bigger and bigger :p and if anyone asks you any questions.. you just say... hey they're my friends and we're not the public and nyahh.

    how ridiculous. If you come to a public area and partake in some fun and games, involving only your person and a soccer ball, if you can't do it without breaking bones don't freaking come :p
  4. There is nothing stopping you going down with some friends and a soccer ball to the local park.

    However, once you start inviting people that you don't know, eg, friends of friends, then it start to become complicated.
  5. Ask some friends and go to a local oval.
  6. I have no friends :cry:

    well no it's not quite like that. I don't have enough active friends or ones that live nearby. haha.........oh well it was a thought. It's a shame that things like that are so complicated to set up. Maybe public insurance could be set up and people just have to pay a share of the premium. Like $2 each or something.

    Oh i dunno :p life's too complicated.
  7. orgy? :LOL: :LOL:

    they do say that sex is the best exercise u can have, and laughing :)
  8. How about asking some work colleagues? I did that when I lived in Sydney a while back - got together with 3 workmates and we used to play tennis at the local court once a week. None of us were what you would called skilled players, we'd just bash the ball around the court for a couple of hours. The only cost was a nominal amount for court hire (these were council owned tennis courts in North Sydney).

    Or ..... given you've just taken up bicycle riding, you could check out the local bicycle shops or the local cycling clubs for group rides.
  9. Go for a surf..... If you don't have a board, nothing stops you from swimming..... If you can't swim, try cycling. You don't need friends or fees for lots of sports. :)
  10. Perhaps if you got this thing called "The Internet", you could meet some like minded people, and have plenty of players.

    It pays to advertise.
  11. +1 on the orgy

    Or get something together with people from work. A few people that I work with play netball. They suck at it, but they still have fun
  12. there are some tennis courts around that are free to use (Yarraville Vic) is a good example
  13. I could say something about some peoples partners getting a double dose of exercise but I won't. :p
  14. Ignore the law and go to the park, start up your own little sporting event like soccer, footy or cricket ect...

    If someone gets hurt and sues, just tell the judge that all the government add's on tv told you to do it... :)
  15. Hey Zenyatta can you play tennis? If you can and can manage a Monday night I would be up for a game, its been way too long lol
  16. Yeah - tennis is the bomb! Monday night's my SES night. Any other night?
  17. when I say I can play tennis... that means I can hit a ball, most of the time :p I have never played tennis competitively.
  18. LOL Dont worry, I havent either ;)

    Thursdays work ok too but I can shuffle a couple things around. Let me know what days work for you.
  19. Don't play tennis!

    That's for gays!

    Play a real sport!

    Like golf! :LOL:
  20. I've got a facebook group called "centennial park soccer" which recruits from local boobs and backpackers. Currently 200 strong and we've been going for about 3 years.

    feel free to join in the fun.