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Sponsorship - My stab at it.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. I dunno mate, without any results to stand on I reckon people will tell you yer dreamin'!

    I think these things are usually arranged by people who know people, so start pestering your rich friends or anyone you know with a business, they might believe you when you tell them you're a gun and it'll get them great ROI on their advertising dollar!

  2. Hey Adam, If I was to bid and win, can I still do my 'Michael Jackson is innocent' sticker?
  3. Not an easy thing to get advertisers, most of them will not give you cash. The best place to start is with the people you buy stuff from, also your market is limited to SA, if you raced nationally you might have a chance at getting some money.

    Good Luck with your endeavours, you will need to have some good marketing idea's to pull this one off.

    Placed a bid for "A", might be some cheap advertising. I will even supply the sticker as it's what I do for a business.
  4. Adam,
    I personally couldn't see anyone taking up your offer unless it's for a small amount, you have way too many out clauses in your contract with no compansation to the advertisers if something happens or you decide not to race again.
  5. Hey good luck Ad-man, I've been trying to get sponsorship for racing for 30 years, I have tried so many avenues. I'm 'A' grade and I get a little help from my boss (Benelli) and my mate (Megacycle). The best thing to do is smooze up to a managing director of a large company, if you make friends easily, some help might come your way.

    I have ridden with many great racers over the years that could have really gone on to great things if it wasn't for their limited finances.

    But saying all that, do not stop trying everything you can to succeed, being a top racer does not just mean being fast on the track..... it is dedication on and off the track.
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  7. I can remember when my bro-in-law raced (also in Adelaide) and, as Johnny says is spot on.

    My brother-in-law was a very good racer - but really packed it in becasue to get anywhere needed more money and sponsorship.

    You'll be more likely to get sponsorship in kind - discounted leathers (if you're lucky), helmets , tyres parts etc. than money.

    Be persistent though. There's plenty of 2nd rate people with sponsorship deals and plenty of good ones who never seem to manage it. All you can do is keep on trying - what it's about is being noticed. Always remember that sponsors love winners but they love publicity more. See what you can do to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack. Putting it on eBay is a great idea - it might just distinguish you from the rest.

  8. hi,

    if you are serious.. but get no takers, here is a whacky but not too shabby way of doing it... it will probably need more work on you behalf and your bike will come out looking like a bit of a dogs breakfast, but hey, money is money


    this guy earned 1 million dollars by selling small amounts of space for cheap...it is a lame gimmick, but i repeat. 1 million dollars for doing pretty much nothing.

    consider doing the same for your bike. like i said, your bike isn't going to look pretty :-&
  9. Hi I organise sponsorship for a medium size basketball association in Victoria and it is pretty damn hard.

    But don't let this put you off.

    The question you need to answer is a very simple one [the question is easy the answer can be hard!].

    If I spend $XXX on you what am I going to get in return? WIIFM

    You might have a sign at races, free talks to companies customers, man a stand at a motorcycle show, win some races or stack a lot to get coverage. :LOL:

    At the end of the day everyone gets hit up for sponsorship money so you have to give them a damn good reason to invest, yes invest in you.
  10. Good luck with it ,going on my dealings over the years with adelaide buisness i found they were the most penny pinching bunch in all of australia :shock: And havent done any buisness there for 5 years and never want to go through that shit again,So maybe look outside of the square maybe you might be lucky :grin: