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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mandala_Putra434, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. I probably made 1 of the biggest decision here (deciding whether or not to buy my ride looks puny compared to this) :p

    Anyone of you ever sponsor a girlfriend/wife/friend to come over to Aust? I've been trawling the net searching about the cost, how to do it, how long they can stay etc...(example below). I've also read some forums on it, but, it'll be better if I can get personal feedbacks/opinions from someone experienced with this sort of stuff before. She's from Japan & still a student + working part-time only by the way. She's gonna come over soon as a tourist, I prefer her to stick around for longer though.

  2. It's a long time ago and a somewhat different situation, but when my brother-in-law sponsored MrsB and I to come from the UK, I remember the biggie, as far as responsibilities on his part were concerned, was an undertaking to support us for (I seem to remember) 1 year from our arrival, should it be necessary.

    Presumably this undertaking would have been legally enforceable had a disagreement between us and him arisen. Not that we would have tried. BIL makes a baaad enemy :twisted: .

    However, it's worth bearing in mind, should your domestic situation get messy within the time frame of such an undertaking.

    Like I said, long time ago and not directly applicable.

    Have you made enquiries with the Dept of Immigration or whatever they're calling themselves this week?
  3. Hi Pat, thanks for the great insight into your experience. Bugger, after you told me your "long journey" I felt that I under-estimate it, I thought this won't be too difficult to organize.

    The good news is, that I've contacted them as early as possible. In fact, they said that she's actually eligible for a university student visa if she's interested in studying here maximum of 3 years if I'm not mistaken. There are a lot international students in Adelaide @ the moment & they all got around 3 years too.
    The good thing is that she had previous life experience here when she boarded a high school for 2 years. I'm going to pursue her & her parents to get her to maybe Adelaide University so she can get her degree & maybe a job here too (better life right?). Fingers crossed, who knows this might turn into a really good thing for us. Cheers :grin: :cool:
  4. good luck and I hope it all works out well :)
  5. Thanks AUS, will try my best to organize this. Beside it'll give me an opportunity to learn something new. :grin: