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SPOLIER: WSBK pole position

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by SHARPY, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. The man does it again

  2. here is the list
    Bayliss, Corser, Toseland, Martin, Barros, Muggeridge, Pitt, Haga, Lanzi, Walker, Chili, Kagayama, Nieto, Laconi, Rolfo, Clementi
  3. Heh! Some of us were going to watch the rerun tonight...sheesh!
  4. Bayliss gets 1.32 pole
  5. LMAO

    ya can tell the televised broadcast has ended.....
    the forum is busy again! :p

    gotta love foxtel

    yep..I'll be watching the rerun at 8.30 again too.

    and taking the phone off the hook all day tomorrow :wink:
  6. caz3064 your an evil dude.
  7. No doubt the man is talented, 1.632s ahead of the nearest Ducati :shock:

    2/10th's faster than Corser, and on the edge of a tankslapper the whole way down Gardner straight.
  8. hmmmm a dude hey.....
    I hope that the word "dude" is gender neutral....
    cos this dude's got DD boobies :p
  9. P.S. - Five Aussie riders in top 10 :cool:

    High five!
  10. Flipper will be ecstatic :grin:
  11. Gee Thanks for that, I was going to watch it at 2030 as I was working 2day, however once I saw it on Netrider I just had to look, so therefore there will be no surprises 2nite

  12. Yeah people really shouldnt give things away in the title of a thread, for the people that want to watch and find out themselves.
  13. Now the racing season is started again, people, please, if you are going to post results (and to be honest there's no real need to, we can always find them out somewhere), PREFIX the thread name with SPOILER, or something like it. Some people want to know straight away, some people like to postpone their pleasures.
  14. just got back from day 2..... Bayliss was on fire....... and the sound of a Ducati at full noise...... enough to give a dead man an er******.

    But the big fun is in Cowes tonite..... next year.. I'm staying over night..
  15. For those who didnt know the results, for those who wanted to see later, I have spoilt it for you.
    I am sorry, it was inconciderate of me