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[Spolier] Grand Premio De Portugal

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by _joel_, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. Grand Premio De Portugal
    Undoubtedly, the Yamaha is the bike to be on this year, and balls-of-steel Jorge lorenzo continues to show why he most likely to be the next best thing in MotoGP.
    Jorge posted fastest times in both FP1 and 2, being the only rider to nail a sub '37 lap.
    Whilst Casey Stoner was only capable of fourth fastest in Fridays outing, he managed to punch out a very fast lap in the last 10 minutes of FP2 which placed him at the top of the list...until Jorge had one more crack. This is definitely showing that a few weeks Barra Fishing in the top end has not harmed his ability to tame the bucking Ducati. Would be good to see him remain competitive thoughout the entire weekend, and even better to land on the podium.
    Valentino Rossi, as usual, rode plenty of laps in both FP1, and FP2, to settle for 2nd and 3rd respectively. Nothing new here. He often plays in free practice, but always turns up on race day.
    Dani Pedrosa rode well in Fridays session, to secure third fastest, only to be pipped by Colin Edwards in the back end of FP2, making him have to settle for 5th this morning.

    The top ten of FP2 follow below:
    1. Jorge LORENZO
    2. Casey STONER
    3. Valentino ROSSI
    4. Colin EDWARDS
    5. Dani PEDROSA
    6. Loris CAPIROSSI
    7. Andrea DOVIZIOSO
    8. Toni ELIAS
    9. Alex DE ANGELIS
    10. Nicky HAYDEN

    Bring on QP a little later tonight. :D

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  3. You rock!

    *high five*
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  5. I hope OneHD shows qualifying next year. I'd love to see practice too, but I doubt that will happen.
  6. Results for QP:

    1. Jorge LORENZO
    2. Valentino ROSSI
    3. Casey STONER
    4. Dani PEDROSA
    5. Colin EDWARDS
    6. Randy De PUNIET
    7. Loris CAPIROSSI
    8. Andrea DOVIZIOSO
    9. Nicky HAYDEN
    10. Mika KALLIO

    Well done to casey for a front row start on his return race.
    How much pressure do you reckon Nicky Hayden is feeling with Kallio hot on his tail??
  7. I read on here a while back that someone from OneHD had said "over time there'll be more bike racing added to OneHD and increased coverage of MotoGP (ie. qualifying) but whether it happens will have to wait and see...
  8. Hey, np Deadsy :)

    Not a bad quali session, I guess the top 4 are pretty much as expected.

    I'm hoping Casey can get a podium. The only reason I think he may struggle is that I'm just not convinced that his health problems are done and dusted. So he may fall away towards the end of the race.

    The good thing is that he was as fast as anyone on the race tyres.

    I expect Rossi and Lorenzo to battle it out for the win and pedrobot to get his usual barnstorming start to lead after the first corner :)
  9. Nice one Casey, great to see him back and straight back on the pace.

    Pity the race wasn't that entertaining, all spread out and pretty much over down to 7th by half distance.

    OneHD are showing live sessions from PI at about 1 in the afternoon on Fri, Sat and then race on Sunday.
  10. What a joy it was to see Casey Stoner return to the track last night. What a delight it was to see him reeling off high 1:37's and low 1:38's for the whole race. What a smile it brought to my face to see him spring off the bike in parc ferme with a huge smile on his face as well.

    AND what a smirk of satisfaction it brought to hear him tell the nay-sayers where they could shove their criticism of him and his illness.

    "I lost a lot of respect for Schwantz..." Yeah, so did a lot of us. Win it or bin it ex-racers should really keep their helmets on or their mouths closed, or perhaps both.

    Funny isn't it? If Casey doesn't talk to the media he gets damned for being uncommunicative. If he does talk to the media he gets damned for speaking his mind. I wonder why that is?

    Perhaps it is because we're not used to riders who let their RACING do the talking instead of spouting media-speak to anyone who'll listen.

    Oh, and what's a "spolier" ????
  11. A spoiler is something that will ruin the ending for someone who hasn't seen/read a book/movie/race yet. eg. Bruce Willis was dead the whole time.

    Goooooo Casey.
  12. Oh, I know what a "spoiler" is, but I don't know what a "spolier" is..

  13. It was great to see Casey back up there, also great to see him maintain good pace throughout the whole race.

    It'll be interesting to see how Rossi responds at Phillip Island.
  14. It's Portuguese for spoiler.
  15. Excuse my cross-eyedness.
  16. You are excused, however, don't let it happen again or the Spelling Police will be notified...:rofl::rofl:
  17. OneHD Sucks

    I stayed up last night to watch the GP on OneHD. However, unbeknownst to me, the EPG which stated that the race would be on at 2200 was wrong. It was on later than that. However, before the race coverage there were interviews with Edwards and Stoner.

    What gave me the irrits big time was that some crappy and somewhat lame Nascar scalectrix race was on.

    So, MotoGP live coverage was bumped for some American car race that happened some time ago (it certainly wasn't live).

    I ended up recording it off normal ten (my PVR isn't HD) and went to bed.

    Then today I read that Nein viewers of the thugby were whinging about the cut off telecast.

    Thing is, the FTA consortium, Freeview is lobbying to allow it to have unfettered rights to sport. That's well and good, but if you're gonna jerk the viewers around then all bets should be off. Let whichever networks, whether it be Fox Sports, Nine, Seven or Ten (ABC and SBS don't count) bid for the rights on a level playing field.
  18. I've found One HD doesn't stick to the schedule either with timing or showing of programs a lot of the times, bit annoying yep

    Fairly boring race I thought, seemed more like an F1 race (well, before this season). Good to see Casey back though!
  19. What happened to all the Rossi fanboys? Very quiet.
    Jorge is going to steal his trophy, if he doesn't pick up his act. 3 DNF's and nipping at his heels.
  20. We're all still here. We all understand the GOAT works in mysterious ways. He is just setting George Lawrence up for a big mind-****. George is the next one he will break.

    All hail the GOAT.