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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Bonk, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. http://www.spokes.com.au/

    TonyE mentioned this in another thread: it's a site set up by the TAC to tell riders how to ride safe.

    The Your Tips section I find interesting.

    As we know, every TAC press release talks about obeying the letter of the law, and wearing flouro kevlar, but riders they've interviewed to ask advice from or accepted riding advice from? well, it's a little different...

    In the Perception Skills section [out of 18 tips]:
    1 x tip advises extra training.
    1 x tip advises caution in the wet.

    In the Maintain Your Bike section [out of 7 tips]:
    5 x tips deal with tyres (tread depth, pressure, and recognising they take longer to warm up in cold/wet conditions).

    In the Other Tips section [out of 11 tips]:
    4 x tips outright advise additional training.
    2 x tips advise caution in the wet.
    2 x other tips mention looking after your tyres as a point of safety.

    In the On-Bike Behaviour section [out of 12 tips]:
    2 x tips advise caution in the wet.
    The others are about training, practice, pillions and skills.
    Not a single one mentions obeying a speed limit to improve your chances of staying alive on a motorcycle.

    In the The Road section [out of 24 tips]:
    2 x tips advise caution in the wet.
    2 x other tips mention caution in the wet as a point of safety.

    So at a rough glance, around 20% of the advice centres around simple traction: tyres & water.
    The rest is pretty much roadcraft and training.

    Just who is the TAC listening to before they send colour-printed instructions out to everyone, and spend $$$ on a website?
    Do they ask the police? Is it some public servants job to 'just come up with' all this? What are their qualifications, experience and/or training?
  2. Good question, I know they have a senior legal person who rides - I don't actually know of any others.

    VicRoads on the other hand have employed several riders in recent times in their road safety area (including someone well known on this site ).

    The funny thing is - fewer experienced riders crash in the wet than in the dry - riders generally do take it easier. It's the inexperienced who crash on wet roads (usually).
  3. Did you notice that they recycled those video tips from an earlier website? Vic's one is in there.
  4. MUARC. The very people who are commissioned to give them the answers they want to hear.
  5. A little background story.

    Two years or so ago MRA(Vic) went to TAC and pitched an idea about a competition involving Safety Videos produced by riders that they could submit.

    TAC sort of couldn't handle the idea of riders producing their own videos and were panicked at the idea that riders would film themselves while riding...

    What resulted was a Hints and Tips competition where the best tips were then filmed at the Bike Show and put up on Spokes.

    There has been a hints and tips section on spokes since its inception. An article by me was one of the first published....

    Bonk - you have hit the nail on the head here. TAC's left hand has no idea what their right hand is doing.

    TAC Staff seem to believe that "they know best" despite all the advice riders give them.

    Yep - it sucks.....
  6. no-one reads that shit anyway.
    i ride safely because i don't much enjoy pain...and that's the only reason.

    "take extra caution in the wet" wow ya think??...gee i'm so glad you told me that otherwise i would've just crashed and died...i mean i had no idea!
  7. I think you missed the point.