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Spoked Rim Sizes

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by PatB, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. What with work being a bit dull, I've got various ideas for modifications and upgrades to the DR floating around in my head.

    An early priority is a change of wheel sizes so that I can have a better tyre choice than currently exists in the trailie sizes fitted as standard. As noted elsewhere, financial constraints mean that I can't go out and buy a set of motard wheels, and even a set of allys off something like a CBR250 are off the agenda right now. However, I can probably run to a set of spokes and a secondhand rim, giving me a couple of options.

    Option 1: Lace a 2.50x18 rim onto the front hub, keep the stock rear and run a 130/80-17 Rear 110/80-18 Front combo, allowing something like Sport Demons or Mich Macadams (or current equivalent). Not optimal, but v.cheap. Tyre choice stilllimited but better than stock for road rubber.

    Option 2: Lace the stock 2.50x17 rear rim onto the front hub and get a wider 17" rim for the rear, allowing a wide(ish) choice of light sport bike tyres. I parked next to a 'tarded Yam 250 this morning with 140/70 and 110/70 Bridgestones on it and it looked the goods.

    Does anyone know of a standard bike that is (a) plentiful in wreckers and so likely to be cheap to buy a wheel for and (b) carries either 2.50x18 or ~3.50x17 ally rims with 36 spokes.

    I gather a lot of dirt bikes have a 2.50x18 rear, but I can't think of many likely candidates for a cheap 17".

    I'd be interested in a good Australian source for spokes too.