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Spoilt B**ch

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by tonee, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. #1 tonee, Feb 2, 2011
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  2. viral advertising
  3. Absolutely, but I still wanna cord that biatch.
    And by that, I mean using a kettle-cord...
  4. What is this world coming to... How could any parents raise their children like that. To not even be grateful for what they have been given.
  5. it's not REAL it's a viral ad!!!!
  6. I second the motion, I will even supply the cord,

    What a thankless biatch,
  7. She is an actress not a thankless biatch.
  8. Unfortunately, I know several spoilt little shits like that and they make my blood boil,

    I would like to save them from drowning, But cant take my foot of their head,

    But it is the parents fault for indulging them in that way,
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  11. I know a girl that is being brought up in a way that she will become like this.

  12. Shes not the first or the only one who chucked a tanty after being given a car…..a damn car for her birthday!!!!

    Damn, back where I was born you had to make your own toys. Used to make toy guns from banana sheaths and run around with disused bicycle tyre. People are far more appreciative when they don’t have anything and don’t expect anything. Rich biatch like this girl pisses me off, especially when there are many others with nothing. Next bday her parents should give her a piece of painted rock (in blue of course), see how she likes that.
  13. Don't care. Still wanna cord her.
  14. Ive got something that'll shut her up ;)
  15. a gun?
  16. Oh!.. FFS.. when will parents learn that if a child asks for a specific colour.. then that's EXCATLY what they want!!....

    I blame the parents!!... seriously!!.... 8-[

  17. Lol got to be more creative than that holly........I put a ;) there for a reason.
  18. a blue gun?
  19. A blue gun with glitters, holding it sideways gangster style should do the trick dont you think?

    My other idea would probably get me banned from this forum lol.
  20. definitely, fully sick cuzbro.

    banned? i thought a slap up the back of the head was fairly innocent??