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[Spoilers] WSB Assen 29/04/07

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Spud Gun, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. What a race 2! Best I have seen in a long time! I thought it was over 3 corners from then end then Toseland lifts the front wheel near the line and that was all Bayliss needed. I nearly passed away peacefully at that point. To win by 0.009 of a second is outstanding, especially as Bayliss was all over the place for the last 4 or 5 laps. A well deserved win for an iconic racer. Great to see him back to his winning ways. If only his tyres had held out in race one then it could have been a double for him. He mentioned that they have been having lots of tyre trouble this season, finding the right balance, and it seems that changing the rear from soft to medium for race 2 made all the difference.

    Andrew Pitt got a well deserved second in the supersports as well, though I am gutted for Foret thinking that the penulyimate lap was the last one and effectively handing 2nd to Pitt. Not a good way to lose out.

    EDIT: Gutted for Corser going out in race one, but 4th in race 2 after falling in race 1 is no small feat. Did you see the shots of Kev Curtain's leg? And Riba has the nerve to blame Curtain for the crash? The dude needs a slap.
  2. Missed race 2. Who got 3rd on the podium?
  3. Biaggi.

    Both races were fantastic.
  4. :woot: :dance: Gotta love this guy!

    The first four or five laps of race 1 were pretty cool - except for watching Biaggi being overtaken at every opportunity. :LOL:
  5. Biaggi is much maligned. I know he's a whinge bucket, but he can ride and seems to be enjoying actually racing and being in contention for the win.
  6. Great racing all night! Love that track, I think it's what makes for good racing. The Ten Kate team will certainly raise some eyebrows when they announce their MotoGP plans soon, Nicky Hayden will have another Honda to flog him on his 'factory' ride :LOL: :p .
    Was awesome to see so many Aussies mixing it up in both classes.
  7. It was better before they changed it, but still a great track. I love watching Bayliss and Toseland racing, they both race so hard.
  8. Yeah right through the field there was fairings being rubbed throughout the night 'eh. Spectacular to watch, even the commentary guys were gasping and "ooooooh"ing.
  9. Great racing. Both the SSport and SBK Race 2 were thrilling. Couldn't believe the last few laps. As Bayliss said, "over the limit". :grin:
  10. it was a brilliant race 2 , and as said above they sure as hell were over the limit! it wouldnt have taken much for either of them to wipe out , but still , those last few corners were fantastic!!! 0.009 seconds!