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[spoilers] The Formula 1 thread

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Morbo28, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. I was searching trying to find if anyone had made the thread this week. Since we discuss it each race, I figure we might as well have an ongoing F1 thread?

    [Spoiler below]

    That was sickening seeing Massa get struck by that flying bit of metal in the Budapest quali tonight. How strange...just after that really similar GP2 crash saw a flying wheel hit the driver's head and send him into the wall, a similar thing happens in F1. It came off the back of Barrichello's Brawn apparently.

    I hope he's well enough to race tomorrow.
  2. Domenicali confirms Massa will not start in Hungary

  3. That was a pretty crazy slow-mo replay of Massa. Really unlucky to cop that on the head, at least he will have the mid season break to recover.

    I'm a bit annoyed at Webber, pole was his for the taking but for that crap sector 1 time. Now he will just follow Vettel around for a Red Bull 1-2.

    The good thing for Red Bull is that they are poised to make up another bucketload of points against Brawn.
  4. The start sure will be a lottery with Mark behind Alonso and Vettel having Hamilton steaming up behind him with his finger on the kers button... I have a feeling that there will be grief at the first corner and I just hope Mark stays out of it.
  5. It was sickening to see PM a passenger after being knocked out.

    Lets hope the safetycrats don't decide to enclose the top of the monocoque by putting the drivers head in a bubble wrapped in cotton wool.

    As soon as the marshals raised both his arms overhead, you knew it wasn't good when they signal unconscious driver.
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  7. I'd love to see the helmet and how well it did its job.

    Good thing he passed out whilst standing on his brake pedal.
  8. Took a whack though
  9. how does a spring pop out of the suspension on a multi-million dollar custom-built car?
  10. imagin the damage without that helmet, sheesh
  11. something broke???
  12. In the words of Harry Hogge "its one of those things that just never happens"

    Geez, His helmet does not look good :?
  13. That's pretty bad.

    As vic said - hopefully they understand it's something that can happen but is unlikely and don't start trying to redesign the cars.

    Hope he recovers fine.
  14. Pretty good advertisement for modern helmets, though. If you consider the speed at which he was travelling as well as the object's speed...
  15. A good result for WEB - second in the championship.

    (and another wheel flying across the track :shock: )
  16. Maybe their supply of Loctite and duct tape ran out?
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  18. I don't know whether to be happy or disappointed with Webbo.

    I guess all that matters is his performance relative to Button and Vettel.

    I'm also thinking there will be a lot of pissed off Spaniards at Valencia if Alonso can't race. Surely this wont be good for promoting the sport there. They should have just given them a fine and a grid penalty.
  19. Isn't there a design rule where high tensile steel safety wires are to be incorporated into the wheel design to stop wheels and tyres flying off in an accident ? Didn't this come into force after Jacque Villenueves (sp?) crash in Melb where a marshall was struck by his flying tyre ???

    If so I think Renault has something to explain.
  20. Yes but they only help if the wheel is attached to a hub. This wasn't attached to hub properly..and hence the tether was no help.

    Man that's harsh penalty.