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SPOILERS! 1 & 2 at SBK !!!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny O, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Checa, Biaggi - 1 & 2 at SBK !!!

    Ha! old guys rule at the Island; get outa the way you young punks, LOL

  2. Re: Checa, Biaggi - 1 & 2 at SBK !!!

    Thats it John. A bit more grey hair and it's comeback time.
  3. Re: Checa, Biaggi - 1 & 2 at SBK !!!

    I'd love to see it, but apparently if you live outside capital cities you can't foxtel put it on speed tv and took it away from austar.
    Enjoy it down there lucky buggers :)
  4. Re: Checa, Biaggi - 1 & 2 at SBK !!!

    Please write to austar. It's their choice not to take Speed TV and they need to know that their subscribers want it.
  5. Re: Checa, Biaggi - 1 & 2 at SBK !!!

    Was trying to get them on the phone today, but was on the hold line till 7.30 only to be told by a automated voice that all operators go home by 7pm, i will try again tomorrow
  6. Re: Checa, Biaggi - 1 & 2 at SBK !!!

    Psst...want to see SBK or MotoGP up close... become a track marshall.

    This last weekend, I did just that...freebies including a cap now signed by the king of SBK Troy Bayliss, a 3 day guest pass, all the food and drink you need, and all you have to do is stand on a corner for 3 days...got to see Xaus's bike up close when he threw it at us at Turn 11 on Saturday, and got a good view of Guintolli destroying a Ducati @ 12 in race 1. Standout of the day had to be the near race long duel between Biaggi and Melandri in race 2...pity about TC's tyre going off in race 2
  7. Re: Checa, Biaggi - 1 & 2 at SBK !!!

    I wonder what the crowd numbers were like? SBK has survived the loss of a free-to-air audience for a while now but the numbers seem nothing like what they used to be. (or am I wrong?). Are Fox paying enough to compensate the organisers for that, I wonder?
  8. Re: Checa, Biaggi - 1 & 2 at SBK !!!

    Crowd numbers for WSBK are always so much smaller than Motogp. Pity, as the racing is normally better.

    Considering the weather on Sunday it was pretty good.
  9. It was a great weekend and the weather on Saturday was awesome and after the rain cleared at 9.30am Sunday morning, the dry track provided some great racing.
    Love being able to ride around the outside of the track with no helmet and and choosing a location to view the race.......awesome!!

  10. Re: Checa, Biaggi - 1 & 2 at SBK !!!

    Hearsay from inside has it that Saturday was considerably better than anticipated and Sunday was good as well....
  11. If we don't get out there and show our support they will stop coming here.
    Is the big thing with bikes starting to fade ??? Had a look at the board in two shops on Saturday... yuck the figures were down.
    But then on the other hand the roads around the hills on Sunday were chock full of bikes. And very few plods for a change. Or we just missed them all.
  12. Problem is, a lot of people would love to go, but don't want to be reemed by vicpol, so stay away.

    I'm trying to track down a torrent of the race. Anyone know where one might be obtained?? Unfortunately I had to work on the weekend.
  13. This is a big problem which the orgs should address. It is ok for pax like me who get free entry and friends who provide accomodation near the track and invites to other stuff happening around the event.....
    But for a person, who travels to the event, gets subjected to Vic Police intervention , pays for accomodation, spends quite a few dollars in town and on the way to the island, then has to pay $120 or whatever for an entrance ticket to attend, with very limited spectator facilities, why bother?
    Vic Police should talk to Events Victoria, or vis versa.
    It would be very extremely nice if they were on the same side.