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Spoiler WSB Race 2

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by pvda, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. Seeing I'm watching it on Foxtel I'll update this thread as things happen so don't read it if you don't want to know

  2. Thanks dude...

    you can also get it here:


    At times like these I wish I didn't have a philosophical objection to paying for TV...

  3. Lap 2.

    2 riders down
  4. Lap 6
    Same top 3.
    Vermuelen 6th
    McCoy 12

    Toseland & Muggeridge out
  5. Lap 8.

    Vermuelen up to 5th
    McCoy up to 9th
  6. Lap 12 of 22.
    Vermeulen closing on Pitt in fact has just passed Pitt at T10
  7. Red Flag


    Pitt down

    Now two part race

    waiting for restart
  8. Pit Lane will open at 16:05
  9. Estimate restart time is 16:20

    10 laps to go and it's been declared a "Wet Race"
  10. Warm up about to start for R2 restart.

    Notice another storm building out to the west on the radar but it's far enough away to not be a problem until everyone tries to ride home.
  11. McCoy down & so is Pitt at Turn 8
  12. Haga down also at T8 (hay shed) on next lap
  13. Lap 14. (over all results)

    Steve Martin out
  14. Walker high sided it at T8 after taking lead in part 2.
  15. Lap 16.

    Vermeulen 5th overall
  16. Laconi down

    Lost it a Lukey Heights, nearly high sided but held on to basically fall over and picked the bike up and restart it but lost a lot of time.
  17. Finish
    1. Corser
    2. Kagayama
    3. Neukirchner
    4. Vermeulen
    5. Neito

    Congats to Corser, definately his day and was magic to watch in the wet as was Kagayama.
  18. I'm outta here.

    Mind you this is a really good way to build up your post count :p
  19. Bloody champion effort that one!!!