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{Spoiler} Waaayyy OT, cricket in South Africa

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. Th Australians are murdering the South Africans, 5 overs to go and they are 2 for 369, I reckon Ponting is going to try to break 400

  2. they are going to get it the way there going

    hussey will get 100 too
  3. ok will not say any more

    wicket hussey
  4. World record, 3/402 and it's still got 3 overs to go!!!
  5. Dammit, why wasn't i watching this????

    Is it only on Foxtel?
  6. I'm "watching" it on news.com.au on line, it's not on FTA TV
    There'll be no point watching the SA innings, they'll never get close to 400 (4/409, Ponting just out with two overs to go, Symonds and Lee at the crease)
  7. Final Score: 434/4
  8. Awesum stuff, and in the decider aswell.
    Graham smith....that man is a joke :grin:
  9. Tony Greig....that man is a joke
  10. Final Aussie Scorecard

    Australia innings (maximum 50 overs)      R   M   B  4s  6s    SR
    AC Gilchrist   c Hall b Telemachus       55  70  44   9   0  125.00
    SM Katich      c Telemachus b Ntini      79 135  90   9   1   87.77
    RT Ponting     c Dippenaar b Telemachus 164 151 105  13   9  156.19
    MEK Hussey     c Ntini b Hall            81  75  51   9   3  158.82
    A Symonds      not out                   27  23  13   3   1  207.69
    B Lee          not out                    9  12   7   0   0  128.57
    Extras         (lb 4, w 5, nb 10)        19 					
    Total          (4 wickets; 50 overs)    434
  11. Re: Final Aussie Scorecard

    Thats just outright farking DEMORALISING.... I love it!!! :)
  12. ahhhh how the tables can turn, my taxi driver filled me in :shock:
  13. That hurts. I am so glad that I couldn't hear Tony Greig's gloating.
  14. We lost!

    South Africa scored 438.
  15. Mick Lewis went for 113 runs in his ten overs; Dennis Lillie could have come out of retirement and bowled better than that, what a disgrace!!!
  16. How the hell did that happen??

    I woke up to check out how much Seth Effrica lost by.

    And WTF!!!!

    Shame, Bloody shame :(
  17. fcuking disgrace, I also got up turn on news...... :evil:
    So annoying, thought the newsreader might have made a mistake :grin:
  18. OMFG!!! What a disgrace. Some serious questions need to be asked as to how a team cannot successfully defend 434 runs.
  19. Pretty easy really. For both teams to achieve 430+ in their allotted 50 overs, the pitch may as well have been concrete for all the predictability it provided to the batsmen to be able to achieve such scores.

    Both teams were scoring at roughly Twenty20 rates. That has to say something about the quality of the pitch on the day.

    Sadly, I think that this embarrassing record will stand for a very, very long time. One thing that I find most incredibly amazing about the current Australian team. For a team that stands astride some of the largest win records in the game's history, they have also been involved in many of the largest records in the game's history being set against them too. I think that, more than anything else, points out just how weak the Australian bowling lineup really is.

    Yes - questions need to be answered, but really it is the fault of the bowlers. Australia has lacked a strong bowling lineup, apart from one or two stars, for the last 5 years now, and this has allowed some of the heaviest defeat records in history to be set against the Australian team. The Australian team's performance of late has been resting solely on the performance of its batsmen, and whenever Glenn McGrath, Brett Lee, or Shane Warne fail to fire, the opposition, even with a generally weaker batting lineup, have walked all over Australia.