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[SPOILER] State of Origin 2008

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by _joel_, May 21, 2008.

  1. :woot:
    :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
    \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ \:D/
    like it was going to go any other way!

  2. I was there tonight.

    Queensland just did not have it ! . . I say bring in Scott Prince !! for Game 2. Need more intensity in the game . . and more melee's !! :grin:

    The melee in the crowd was more entertaining !
    :LOL: . . boring game !
  3. Origin is nothing like it used to be. Just like another club game now. Yawn.
  4. +1 to all of that... hat of to nsw they well and truely deserved the win.... qld should be ashamed.....they didn't even look interested in being there :shock:

    but yeah from a viewers' i found it a boring game to watch too, and worse cos i was on the losing side :cry:
  5. Look out Nostradamus...
  6. Yeah let's bring back those pie munching, XXXX fuelled Brisbane club footballers who'd rise to the occasion for a couple of games a year :roll:

    What's next, bring back the contest in the scrum :p

    The game's moved forward to be an intense contest with usually one side dominating - NSW score two quick tries and the game is theirs for the keeping. No doubt Qld missed Lockyer, but doubt Prince would have made much difference.

    Well done to Bellamy for having some faith in Wallace :cool:
  7. NSW's defence closed Qld down, they didn't let them get the ball out wide and they stiffled any set up Qld were trying for. In all, NSW read the game far far better than Qld did, and didn't allow Qld to get a run on.

    NSW were stronger, faster and smarter. It was only deep into the 2nd half that Thurston started to fire, but it was too far gone at that stage. Craig Bellamy orchestrated a brilliant game plan for NSW and it paid dividends.

    There is no guarantee that Game #2 will in any way be similar. And how about the guy that had $700K on QLD paying $1.62 !!!! POOF !!!! there goes that little wad of cash !

    C'MON NSW - White wash 'em !!!!!!!
  8. Was anyone else asking the question last night . . .

    Who is Wallace ???

    I have no idea which team he plays for or where he came from.
    Even the people sitting around us last night thought the same !
  9. He's better known as Robsalvv...

  10. Nice one, Spots!

    As a Sydney boy now living in Brisbane, I had to cheer quietly, but I was cheering.

    IMO the scoreline flattered QLD, who were outplayed by a bigger margin than it showed.

    And, as an Aussie who has been out of the country for 5 years, sitting back last night with a Tooheys Extra Dry in hand, State of Origin on the TV with the sound turned down, and Roy and HG giving the call on Triple J - *now* I know I'm home!
  11. Wallace is a Bronco - oh well, no-one is perfect
  12. That's 'cause none of ya paid for your ticket or your pi$$ :p
  13. Seen it already... Its good.
  14. Interesting how much coverage it got down here.

    An alright game, but not the State of Origin i was brought up on. :)
  15. . . . I want to see Mason get smashed !!!!

    Go NSW !!!
  16. Go Maroons!!
    Good to see NSW cop a hiding :grin:

    ....should make for a fiery game 3 :twisted:
  17. If NSW didn't throw the 2nd match, the advertisers would have been upset about nobody giving a rat's arse about #3. ;)
  18. fark me, if only we could of had the nsw team that showed up to play in game one playing the qld side which showed up to play last night, would of made for a cracker imo...

    still go the maroons.....and bring on game 3 :grin:
  19. :roll:

    ...spoken like a true NSWalien :p
  20. Its seems like the only logical conclusion as surely professional football players cant play THAT badly!!! Origin is just another club game now in regards to skills and excitement.