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SPOILER Sepang Motogp

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by MVrog, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. The usual bloke on the red Italian bike did it again, but not by as much

  2. i think they need to fix WEST's launch control , seems to go off a little early...
  3. top write-up rog!
    it made me feel like i was right there trackside !!1!1!
  4. Go easy mate. Lots of blokes suffer from Premature Ejaculation
  5. He was fine. The track has 4 grid positions cross ways for the 125 and 250 and 3 for the Motogp. He sat in the wrong one of the grid positions by about 1m. It actually placed him in a worse position than if he had gridded up correctly. The jump start is the technical term they use to penalise someone for doing that.
  6. Because the positions are staggered, the position he took was actually marginally ahead of the one he should have been in, that's why it's considered a jump start, because when the lights went out he was in front of where he should have been.
  7. It's still pretty ridiculous. Yes he made a mistake but seriously, why didn't anyone pick it up? What are the marshals there for?
  8. Sorry Joel for my verbosity. I will submit a far smaller report in future. Spank me with a camshaft.
  9. True, but the grid marshalls at the club meets have been better than what was on display there.
  10. Oh I'm not for a second condoning the way it was handled, just explaining. :wink:

    The real question is, after rejoining the race in 13th osition, why did he drop back to 19th before making his way forward again?
  11. I understand, seems a harsh penalty for a minor error, but as Ben would say, such is life :p
  12. i think when he was in the pits as he crossed the start/finish line he he was in 13th and by the time he exited the pits he was down in 19th

    well thats how i saw it....
  13. I can't say I'd blame Anthony West if he was a bit distracted. Have you seen his umbrella girl ?!? Incredible!
  14. I guess that is a matter of opinion then.

    Personally, I would much rather see Stoners wife on the grid.
  15. Yeh, but he was suffering heat exhaustion big time and he still won.
    What he has done by much is achieved so many firsts. (see Michael Scott's article in last weeks AMCN)
    Puts him up in the record book league of Agostini, Doohan and Rossi etc.
  16. Yeah, it looks like the pulled that chick/ladyboy of the streets of Thailand!

    And yeah, the marshalls are supposed to grid the riders up, i know even in our club meets (cars) that they'd run up the middle lining everyone up in the correct grid position, and thats only at state level!
  17. What has he done that warrants being placed alongside Doohan and Ago?

    All this adulation, I don't get it. He is undoubtedly the best rider out there at the moment. He has an awesome bike, a fantastic team, great tyres and support from all quarters. What he's done is win 10 races in a season where his normal challengers (Rossi, Pedrosa, Hayden) have been hamstrung by packages that were not as good as the Stoner, Ducati, Bridgestone combo. For sure, Stoner is the difference and he makes Capirex look totally lame, but cold hard analysis of his performances over the years doesn't rank him alongside legends. Not yet.

    Let's see what happens next year...Next year there will be NO excuses. All the companies know the score, cannot expect to resume their normal positions without effort, expense and some inspiration. Melandri is a proven hard rider of some talent, Rossi may or may not be in equal tyres, Yamaha will have to raise their game and Pedrosa will be suitably motivated. If Stoner wins next year in the same emphatic way he did this year, he will have at least started along that road to greatness.

    The problem with such dominance (imo) is that Stoner seems to lack the passion or the enthusiasm and, dare I say it, personality of Rossi, Melandri, Capirossi. Remember how unremittingly tedious the HRC/Doohan years were? You knew before the start who would win. The only way someone else would win was if Mick made a stuff up, which was rare in the extreme. Winning was a business, a job and he never looked to me as though he enjoyed himself.

    Then along comes this little upstart, first in 125's, then 250's for whom racing seemed a laugh. For sure, he was serious, passionate, but it didn't look like a job. He moved into 500's and the passion, the humour still seemed to be there. The intensity grew, but the outward display or enjoyment was still there. Along the way, a few other riders popped up with similar enthusiasm and all of a sudden, slow down laps with burnouts and monster mono's became common place.

    Then, the 125 Spanish production line started churning out little robots, just like the tennis mums and dads, we now had kids who were being groomed for Motogp greatness from 13 or 14 or younger. Parents stuffing huge amounts of money and commitment to make their kids dreams come true. And that's what created Pedrosa and others. Racing is a job. A serious job with lots of money at stake. A place where the media so over analyses everything that in the end they just make stuff up. Pedrosa is rumoured to be a funny bloke, lots of laughs, but has been stitched up so many times by the Spanish media that he now says nothing for fear of how it will be taken out of context.

    Sorry for the ramble... :oops:
  18. I think susuzuki was saying that his count of wins in the season is in line with those riders.

    Not to take anything away from Casey, but yeah, his status as a legend (such as Doohan, et al) is a long way off. I was only saying this to my missus last night as we watched a replay of the race. As far as I'm concerned, Casey's no better than Hayden was last year. It'll take more than one championship to earn him the title of "Legend".

    In the meantime, let us bask in his glorious season. He and his team deserve a huge amount of credit in being able to get the new package to perform so outstandingly while others floundered.
  19. Well, here's some stats I found:

    * Stoner is the 2nd youngest rider to win the premier-class title after 1983 Champion Freddie Spencer.

    * He has won 8 races in 2007; only 4 other riders have won 8 or more premier-class races in a single season - Mick Doohan, Giacomo Agostini, Valentino Rossi and Mike Hailwood. [yes, that's a bit out of date but I'm quoting as it was written]

    * He is the first rider in the four-stroke MotoGP era to have led on every lap for three successive races.

    * Casey Stoner’s debut MotoGP victory in Qatar made him the youngest ever Australian rider to win in the premier-class, taking the record from Daryl Beattie.

    * His victory in Qatar also meant that Stoner is the first Australian rider to win in all three current GP classes.

    * In the premier-class only Mick Doohan and Valentino Rossi have achieved a higher points total in a single season than Stoner’s current score of 297 points.

    * Stoner is the first rider since Giacomo Agostini in 1972 to have a sequence of three or more successive premier-class victories riding a European manufactured machine.

    * This is the first time that the premier-class title has been won by a rider with a European manufactured machine since Phil Read on an MV Agusta in 1974.

    These things already place him in the same league, even if he doesn't manage to hang around near the top as long as the legends.
  20. Call me old fashioned, but Doohan was famous for his utter dominance over many many seasons. He flattened opposition. He was boring as bat shite, but the most supreme rider of the mid and late 90's. No one came close to even looking like beating him on a regular basis. Ago is before my time and I am sure some recollections of his achievements are a bit rose tinted, but he is known to have been extremely good.

    Casey has destroyed the record books, but that doesn't make him (in my eyes) on the same level as those two.

    And all this time I thought he was the business. And now he's proven his detractors wrong in the most emphatic manner. If he does it next year, he will truly be able to be counted amongst the best.