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[SPOILER] Qatar MotoGP results so far..

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by removed-6, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Go Casey, Go Casey, go Casey....................

    Top 3 so far in QP are Rossi, Stoner(0.005sec) & Edwards.

    Fastest Max speed is all the Ducati's then daylight then the rest of the field.

    Circuit record has been shattered by the 'little' bikes already!

    Suprises so far-

    Tony Elias in 4th
    Randy De Puniet in 8th on a Kwaka
    Nicky Hayden in 9th (beaten by a Kwaka, that's gotta hurt :LOL: )
  2. Is the race on today? Where's my foxtel mag?
  3. 7.30pm tonight. :grin:
    It's time to stock up the beer fridge and fluff the couch cushions.
  4. wahhh.. i want my payTV back!!!

    might have to join motogp.com this year i think.
  5. 7:55pm on Austar :grin:
  6. If only we all could afford it Ronin. [​IMG]

  7. armed robbery. got to use the proceeds for something huh lol.
  8. It's only $85 for the year...
  9. If you can get it to work :evil:
  10. Casey Stoner wins!
  11. He stayed on, woohoo[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  12. Stoner's Ducati just slaughtered Rossi's Yamaha on the straight. The Yamaha just could not keep up. Even Pedrosa was all over the Yamaha on the straight.

    Is it because of Stoner and Pedrosa's lack of weight, or does the Yamaha have problems with top speed?
  13. It was unbelievable up the straight....was brilliant :cool:

    The duc holds a litre less fuel, maybe that helped?
  14. congrats Stoner......... the Ducs top end was incredible

    could stoner be the next Doohan?
  15. Maybe the spot of rabbit fur Rossi put on his leathers is upsetting the airflow over his back on the straight. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. I swear I have no finger nails left :grin:
  17. great racing Casey.
  18. Can't believe how much faster than Ducati is!

    Makes me feel so bad for Rossi. I'd feel so cheated - he proves he has more skill by making up distance in every corner, and is only nailed in the straights - he would have won by a mile if he had the faster bike.

    But at same time, very well done Stoner, been waiting a long time to see him on Podium. Wonder if Rossi will go for medium tyres in march?
  19. It looks as if we will have a very interesting season in 2007.
  20. Huh?