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Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by removed-6, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. OMG what a race, or should that be what 3 races they were.

    Go STONER!!!!!! (and I got $3.50 for the win :grin: , and $2.10 for Loris to place!!)

    Awesome racing :grin:
  2. That was F'N BRILLIANT! GO STONER!!

    also top effort to vermulien for picking the bike up after that pile up and managing to gain a few places and not finishing last

    it was supprising to see just how badly the michelin went , did you see just how badly rossi's tyre was torn up? , i know he hasnt gone that great in turkey but i was expecting to see him at least in the top 6th , and i definitely expected to see him beat hayden!
  3. Rossi took alot out of his tyre in the laps where he was playing catch up. Yeah good job by Chris, finishing behind Rossi in the end after having an off and setting the fastest lap in the last couple of the race. Would have been good to see him doing that near the front guy had he not been taken out early :(

    That was so good I'm gonna watch it again on Ch10 now :grin:
  4. Absolutely fcukin killed em, great work Casey!!

    Good work to bridgestone too, much much better than the last round!

    Bring on China, wonder how fast the duke will be down that straight?
  5. Go the Tamworth assuie. Great victory

    The big crash put poor chris V out, but he kept on going. What a gun!!!!!!!!
  6. Awesome ride from Stoner. Kept it cool the whole way.

    Was a shame to see Chris get taken out like that. I love how he got straight up, gave some abuse to the Frenchman lying on the ground in pain, yanked his bike of the top of whoevers it was on and rode off. Top Aussie spirit.

    Can anyone confirm that it was Rossi's tyres that were shot? As far as Darryl Beatie was concerned they were fine. :shock: I tend to disagree but what do I know.

    The Duc will hit Warp Speed down the straight in China. Good luck to everyone else. Looks like its gonna be a good year.
  7. Absolutely no doubt they had gone off.

    Great race!
  8. What a great race and such a beautiful track with nice corners made it interesting. I have not watched a MotoGP race for awhile and its good to see them bunched up on the 800's and lots of overtaking moves.
  9. I know even less :oops:

    Rossi normally reigns the other guys in no worries. He was getting picked off pretty easily.

    Maybe something to do with when he went wide just before the big stack :?:

    Top race and well done to Stoner for not relenting.
  10. As compared to the 4ft android who just got up and walked away without even trying :roll: Lets hope he loses the championship by 1pt to Stoner at the end of the year.

    Bad luck to Ant West who didn't make the finish in the 250's either :(

    3 great races with lots of bump and grind :grin:
  11. Great race! From the replays it looked like the Petrobot didn't get clipped by anything. The little girl just went down and took Chris with him. I see he's not content to knock out his own team mates but anyone with half a chance of a podium. But it was very considerate of him to sacrifice his bike and have the Suzuki sit on top, thus making it easier for Chris to pick it up and put in some amazing lap times. Perhaps Suzuki should kick the shit out of the bike to make it go faster in China.
  12. Stunning race and a great result for Stoner, though I thought he looked happier when he saw that girl with the #27 tee shirt than he did when he won. Rossi now has even more reasons to hate Elias. Elias is great to watch, but man he looks wreckless when he passes people (especially Rossi). Vermullen is the man! Finishing 11th after getting back up from falling and being in 16th.
  13. It would be interesting to put a watch on how much time he lost in the crash and then take it off his race defecit from the winner at the finish?
  14. As much as I'd love to agree with you, Jacques comes up beside him and clips his wheel, causing the skittle effect we saw.

    Rossi also reports that his rear tyre went off big time at lap 11 and he did a pretty good job just getting it back. How Beattie can say that the tyre looked ok when the on board footage showed the RH side totally shot is beyond me.

    Congrats to Casey, a few of the naysayers must be eating their words now.
  15. The real spoiler for a lot of people was the MotoGP.com website going down for the hour leading up to the race. Couldn't even log in to watch the live stream.
  16. Me too, you could see it throwing rubber clear as day.... :?
  17. I've never been a fan of Beattie, his monotone delivery sends me to sleep. Thanks to Foxtel it's something I don't have to listen to.
  18. Right now, in the picturesque hills of France, the is a tire and rubber chemist being beaten to death with a ham and cheese bagette by an angered Michelin Man. Oui!!

    I cannot believe Michelin dropped the ball so badly at this round. Top six riders were on Bridgestones.

    You could clearly see the graining and degradation on Rossi's rear tire.

    One point to note for all the Hayden haters, is that he was the top Michelin finisher.

    NO!! Mrs Scumbag! Put down that broken beer bottle!! ARGHHH!!
  19. Because he was going soooooo slow that he didn't damage the tyre. But he still got beat by a Suzuki.
  20. I was gutted for Rossi. His tyre was wrecked, maybe from going off on lap 1, but it wouldn't have been at the maximum temp then. Seems to have been a bad day for Michellin though a good day for the Kentucky Fried Gobshite being the top finisher for Michellin. With the exception of the start, Stoner didn't have to challenge anyone as Rossi went off. He had a fantastic race, but he didn't have the distraction of someone challenging him and just had to put in good lap times. Vermullen was the better Aussie rider IMO, he had the fastest lap of the entire race on the Suzuki after he landed in the gravel, got back on and gained 5 places. That shows testicular fortitude IMO.