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SPOILER. Motogp Misano

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by MVrog, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Not a spoiler yet, but it will be soon.
    Thursday practice shows Stoner fastest, on 1.35.422
    Edwards.002 secs. slower.
    Then in order
    de Angelis
    Rossi. 1 sec down on Stoner

    Over now to Joel, for his special comments.
  2. I think you mean Friday practice.
    And why is it a spoiler - no seriously I don't get it

    BTW free practice 2 times:

    1. Casey Stoner AUS Ducati Marlboro Team (8) 1min 34.806 secs
    2. Valentino Rossi ITA Fiat Yamaha Team (8) 1min 35.224 secs
    3. Loris Capirossi ITA Rizla Suzuki MotoGP (8) 1min 35.377 secs
    4. Randy de Puniet FRA LCR Honda MotoGP (M) 1min 35.620 secs
    5. Chris Vermeulen AUS Rizla Suzuki MotoGP (8) 1min 35.743 secs
    6. Jorge Lorenzo SPA Fiat Yamaha Team (M) 1min 35.766 secs
    7. Alex de Angelis RSM San Carlo Honda Gresini (8) 1min 35.861 secs
    8. Colin Edwards USA Tech 3 Yamaha (M) 1min 35.913 secs
    9. Shinya Nakano JPN San Carlo Honda Gresini (8) 1min 36.100 secs
    10. James Toseland GBR Tech 3 Yamaha (M) 1min 36.105 secs
    11. Nicky Hayden USA Repsol Honda Team (M) 1min 36.189 secs
    12. Dani Pedrosa SPA Repsol Honda Team (M) 1min 36.219 secs
    13. Andrea Dovizioso ITA JiR Team Scot MotoGP (M) 1min 36.356 secs
    14. Toni Elias SPA Alice Team (8) 1min 36.425 secs
    15. Sylvain Guintoli FRA Alice Team (8) 1min 36.619 secs
    16. Marco Melandri ITA Ducati Marlboro Team (8) 1min 37.096 secs
    17. Anthony West AUS Kawasaki Racing Team (8) 1min 38.239 secs
  3. It's a spoiler because all talk about the race belongs in here including race results on sunday night.
    Some people don't have foxtel so don't want to know the results till they see it on free to air.
    All we need is some imbecile to post the race result up without the spoiler tag and they risk emasculation.
  4. ahhh I see, although you don't need Foxtel to watch it live, just Ten HD :)
  5. That depends on what state your in, for some reason in Tasmania Ten HD shows Dexter when the racing is on, and only shows the racing at the same time as its on SD.
  6. Pardon my feable memory, but where's Hopkins?
  7. Hopkins is resting a rib injury, from a practice crash at Brno which he managed to aggravate again on Thursday. Should hopefully see all 18 riders out today
  8. Good to see Vermeulen still keeping up with the front pack.
  9. Edwards seems to have lost half a second per lap. What's going on there, I wonder?
  10. I'll put something together later on rog.
    Been far too busy squidding with the kids

    I think casey is going to do it tough, though.
  11. Ahh Brother Joel. You are keeping us in Suspenders. Still, I agree that the Kids have priority.
  12. Stacey has re-broken his scaphoid. How conweenient.

    Poor bloke falls off two races in a row, his grumpy missus cracks it at him and he's been rolling the wrist over a little two much in the last few weeks.

    Either that or he's afraid to let the doc thrash him fair and square.
  13. Thanx Loz. This is a significant development. The report didn't specify whether it is his left or right wrist. Perhaps he was having a vigorous "5 knuckle shuffle", and it all went bad.
    If it is rhs, he's in strife.
  14. Scuttle butt is that Hopkins absence is related to his wife's absence....
  15. THIS report says it's the one he broke in 2003.

    FWIW, the scaphoid is a very nasty bone to break because it often doesn't heal properly.
  16. Reveal your source, Cliff. :shock:
  17. Yeah Loz, that's what I mean by he's going to do it tough. I think he knows, deep down, that VR has the skills, passion and ability to win a race against him.
    It's miserable when a rider is behind the eight ball (as CS is after crashing out) and then mysterious illness/ailments creep up. Sure, he's probably got x-rays to show that its not bullshit, but honestly, that sort of bone seperation doesnt happen overnight.
    I think he is genuinely doubting his ability to fight it out with valentino in grueling battles, and the fracture is the perfect scapegoat.
    Nobody can catch stoner when he gets a good run, but then nobody can catch daniboy either....
    I want stoner to win, but, I also want him to man up, stop bitching and ride real fast.
    Excuses are for pussies.

    expect to see stoner on the podium, though.
    I reckon Hayden has finished his season, dreaming of glory days at Corse, and has no real incentive to win.
    I think dani frightened the shit out of himself when he forgot to turn and his confidence is still down.
    Valentino is a given, on the podium, and i think this year will eb one of his career highlights.
    dont be surprised if RDP sneaks a third in, with his new engine. Been knocking off some good times, but other than him, Chris Vermeulen is on song.
    And thats the thoughts from mogo.
    followed by a burnout picture, from half hour or so ago.
  18. http://www.superbikeplanet.com/2008/Aug/080829b.htm

  19. Thanks Joel. Can your Girl burn out her bike?

    Thanks cejay. His private life is his own concern, I guess, so I won't comment further. I wish them both the best.

    Dying to find out which scaphoid. L or R
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