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Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, May 20, 2007.

  1. WOO HOO!!!

    Go Chris and the smurf bike!! :roses:

    Casey a great 3rd :grin:

    Edwards must have pushed his bike to the first corner(literally).
    Rossi has not ran wide his whole career as much as he has this season.
    Hayden wins the best crash of the race award, and there were plenty!
  2. Mad race.

    Finally Suzuki and CV get their win.

    The Hayden crash was brutal, lucky to walk away from that one!
  3. Awesome!! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  4. Fantastic race! Disappointed that the frenchy didn't do kawa proud though!
  5. Best race of the season... until the next one.

    Stoner held it all together nicely, he would have crashed last year.
  6. Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie :cool:

    Was an excellent race, with Chris and Casey riding like champions :)

    This season is getting to be very interesting, can't wait till October :dance:
  7. He was riding a Honda last year, that's why :LOL: :p

    Was great to see the two Frenchman out in front, all be it only briefly.
  8. Man - if I could ride a 10th of that speed in those conditions I'd be happy :shock:
    Great race - fantastic result :grin:
  9. Man - if I could ride a 10th of that speed in any conditions I'd be happy :shock: :oops:
  10. Well done chris :grin: :grin:
    fantastic race- just finished watching it.
    GO SUZUKI!!!!! :grin: :grin:
  11. Was one of those races where you needed a bedpan just in case you missed something while going to the dunny!
  12. Putting on 'mothers' voice...

    "didn't I tell you to go before it started?"

    :LOL: :p
  13. The big news: Stoner flogging Rossi when horsepower wasn't able to make a difference.

    Although, looking at Edwards' twice-lapped performance, it seems Michelin reeeeeally buggered up when they decided to only throw warm-day tyres in the truck. So perhaps this is another example of "Rossi would be quick on a Hyosung with Arrowmaxes."

    But DAMN it was great to see Vermeulen laying waste to the field, building a bigger and bigger lead each lap as it bucketed down, watching him slide that Suzuki in and out of corners... And what a sensational victory wheelie!
  14. Top ride by Vermulen, I lvoed watching him in his innaugural MotoGP win. Hayden's off was an absolute yardsale !
  15. Agreed.

    Although I never really understood how anyone could come to that conclusion when you look at the 250cc bikes running only 4 secs/lap slower than the 800cc bikes with WAY less power? :? And when you look at the three other ducks with 'more power' and they are getting it handed to them by Rossi in most of the other races. Clearly power is not as important as many other things and many people think.

    Also it was another Bridgestone 1,2,3 I think.
  16. so exciting. was surprised to see the green at the front :grin: unlucky for hayden.
  17. Law of diminishing returns.
  18. What an awesome race... 2 Aussies on the podium \:D/

    Felt so sorry for Hayden though :cry:
  19. We were on the edges of our seats for what was once of the best GP's you will ever see. It was 28 laps of variable condition induced terror. If any knob jockey complains about the money these riders get for racing bikes, just simply point towards a replay of the 2007 Le Mans GP and quietly walk away, arguement won.

    You saw front end looses caught. You saw rear end looses caught. You saw 220 km/hr aqua planing while turing in under brakes. You saw them with knee on the deck, sloshing though a puddle, mid apex grabbing another gear. (Explain that one to me [FLUX]!! Instant horrible muddy death I CLAIM!! :LOL: )

    Outstanding rides of the meet:

    Chris the V, claiming Suzuki's first win since 1405. Under massive pressure from Melandri, he didn't put a wheel wrong. If he can sort his qualifying efforts, Hopkins and him will be a force to be reckoned with.

    Stoner and Melandri running a very level headed race to claim valuable points and podiums for the respective teams Ducati and Gresini Honda.

    Guys who would have rather been at the pub:

    The entire Fiat Yamaha team. Edwards left the bike in nuetral at the start of the race and also had to pit nine times to adjust his skirt. This marred a fantastic qualifiying effort. Rossi accidentilly put on a 6 year old Michelin Pilot Sport on the rear and slid around for 28 laps.

    Hayden, after an inspired run through the field promptly binned the Honda flat in 5 th, and was almost killed by said somersaulting bike. Not fun for anyone and I don't really like seeing that stuff.

    Assorted guys like Randy, Carlos, Guitiloni and Nakano all having a slip and slide at some time.
  20. PMSL!!....now I need to get coffee out of my keyboard and tie... :LOL: :cry: