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[SPOILER] MotoGP - Donnington Park Jul 05

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. What a race by Rossi! A few 'moments' where he managed to hang on where others would have binned it... warmed up the tyres by lap 20, pushed Barros, overtook him and screamed away within a few laps. Brilliant.

    Just like China, he's proving himself very handy in the wet...

    The motoGP subscription paid for itself this morning... watched the whole race from work. 8)
  2. How dissappointing were those Honda Repsol & Movistar riders :evil:.
    Bayliss has just got no luck at all this season :(

    The 250GP was just as exciting to watch... well I reckon it was just a tad more exciting :D

    How good were the last few laps; with each of the leading 3 riders almost coming unstuck :eek:. Great ride & composure by DePuniet! After that near highside and motocrossing thru the grass to then come back and win the race.

    Great debut race for Westy & the KTM250. I wonder how it will fair in the dry tho?

    Go Aussies! 8)
  3. Think everyone is asking that, but, to its credit, it didn't look outgunned down the straight.

    Guess having that Aussie Warren Willing in their corner hasn't hurt them, eh?


    That's Warren on the far right with the late, great Gregg Hansford sitting on the bike. Daytona 1974
  4. Yeah poor bugger, although it was kind of funny the way he fell off :LOL:
    Not sure why he didn't re-join though, it looked like he was only going about 5 kmh when it happend :?:

    Maybe he'd just had enough by then.....

    It was also highy amusing watching Baggy try and pick his RCV up :twisted:

    I really must get Foxtel, been having REAL trouble staying awake today at work.
  5. You heartless bastard Nova :twisted: ... actually yeah it was kinda funny :p he did the whole back spin and kissed his own arse thing :LOL:

    Yeah me too! I missed it on Fox, so I stayed up for the replay. I have been sneaking into the data centre/ server room and taking some quick kips behind the server racks :oops:... just... another... 20... minutes... left... to... zzzZZZZ
  6. He had it so under control until it cam time to rejoin, he was still on the grass (pointing straight) but put too much gas on and just fell over - quite funny as well as sad :LOL:
  7. sete looked like he really hurt himself on his off, when he came back up I think I noticed a limp and some red blood maybe on the leg that was caught underneath the bike. Unlucky but hey Rossi the master pulls through again. I feel bad for Hoppkins he looked really comfortable until he had a few small moments, then when he tried to turn on the bike while on the wet grass I thought bah your going down idiot! should have just ridden straight through and seen if he could have coasted in a straight line much like depuniet's effort in the 250's.
  8. I thought the 250 race was one of the best races I've seen for years, and not just cos of the 2 Aussies. The bike control that the 3 of them showed was just awesome. They have an even more unfriendly power band than the MotoGp bikes do and to be able to do what they did was awesome.

    No doubt about VR though. Played around for 2 laps and then just pulled the pin and won by 10 seconds or something. How dispiriting must it be for the others?