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SPOILER Motogp Brno

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by MVrog, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. It's not a spoil yet, but it will be.
    In fp1, Rossi from Stoner, with Nakano more than 1 sec. back, in 3rd.
    Obviously tomorrow is another day, and things will change.
    Pedrosa is last, just behind West.

  2. At the end of fp2, Stoner leads Rossi, both doing 1m 57s laptimes Loris is 3rd, doing 1m 58s.
    Lots of blokes in the 58s.
    West just a bit slower than the injured Ped.
    Big chance of rain, Apparently.
    FP3 running, as I speak

    Back soon. Just talk amongst yourselves.
  3. Hey Rog ... I've only just finished watching the 06 season on DVD.
    Hayden was pissed at his team mate for bringing him down with him.

    Are you watching it on Foxtel ??? We have select TV & don't get it :cry:

    PS : ( Don't laugh .. what is fp1,2,3 etc?
  4. fp = free practice

    ps Stoner for the win
  5. No paytv where I am right now. Internet only
  6. Fp3 results are interesting. It is wet. Stoner fastest. 2.09s. CV 2nd. Rossi 5th. West 10th.
  7. when's qualifying?
  8. One hour from now.
  9. Hopper on the front row! And Westy on the second! they'll be happy in camp 'green' tonight.

    Stoner miles ahead for pole over Vale' in 2nd.

    Toseland and Jorge with everyone in front of them.
  10. Toseland and Lorenzo failed to make the 108% cut-off time limit. Technically they don't even qualify to be on the grid tomorrow given the formal regulations, but this can be waived at the discretion of the race director. Given that there's 15 bikes that qualified, and 17 bikes in total, I can't see race direction disallowing them to race tomorrow.
  11. Stoner on pole, by more than 1 sec. from VR. Hopper close in 3rd. Cv 4th. De Angelis next, and West in 6th.

    It looks like Toseland and Lorenzo missed the cut-off time.

    I hope we have a wet one . It was wet in Final Qual.
  12. looks like possible showers tomorrow, probably not as wet as qualifying.

    should be good!
  13. Good. "Keep it wet" is my family motto.
  14. i'm hoping for wet race to keep the aussies up the top :)

    how good is this racing?? top 6 are 1 from each manufacturer!!! gotta love it. And even better is the aussies in such great positions.

    Just on a side note, anyone know what's happened to hayden??? i don't like him, but didn't see his name mentioned anywhere there.

    Edit:- just went back a few days on the motogp site and saw that he has a cracked bone in his foot so decided not to race. oh well. no loss for me :p
  15. he hurt his foot at x-games.
  16. i would of thought Repsol Honda would've 'discouraged' that sort of thing? the risk of injury is higher than what they would like imo. but i guess not.

    Very happy ch10HD are showing it live as well. not so late a night for me :p and should get home from work just in time to catch it :)
  17. It's on 10HD at 9.40pm, according to my TV Guide
  18. Credit to West to, posted his best time in the dying seconds of qualifying when everyone else was going backwards due to the amount of water on the track. I'm praying for rain tonight!
  19. "Yeah my guide says the same MvRog, but that is for the lead up. when you check out the motogp website, it says that race starts at 10pm our time.