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**Spoiler** Melbourne vs Brisbane

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Revenge is sweet, especially when it's to nil :LOL:.

  2. :cool:
    second chance for the doggies!
    thats all i care about :rofl: :cool:
  3. That's why I was going for the Broncos :p

    Dogs gonna be the dark horse, and Sonny Bill back next week.

    Went to Manly game last night, they played well, and they also have Kite to come back :cool:

    But Melbourne have played well all season, and deserve their short odds
  4. So it's storm versus the winner of EELS/DOGS and Manly versus the winner of Cowboys/Worriers

    Eels and Dogs are just going to beat each other up and be mince meat for the Storm

    Cowboys to play their 3rd daylight game of the year and the Worriers to play in the humidity.......toss of the coin which will play Manly and after a rest.............who knows????

    Storm/?????? Grand final?????
  5. storm are running short of wins, dogs cant hold the ball, manly are looking good but i think warriors will be there on gf day.
  6. The NRL finals system is crazy. Bring back the top five system I say, at least then you have to be better than half the competition to play finals.
  7. While you can lose more games than you win and make the semis, remember that you don't play everyone twice, so the competion can't be seen as even.

    So the top eight, gives those a chance who may have had to play harder teams twice a chance in the finals.

    NRL copies AFL (top four and bottom four play each other) and would now like to see the them follow again, even though teams 7 and 8 did bow out this year.
  8. the whole NRL system is farked.
    too many teams are subjected to less than par playing conditions due to the amount of rep footy played mid-season.
    too much is asked of high profile players, and this would be ok if the salary-cap wasnt such a big issue ;)
    why should a club fork out a billion dollars for players in a high risk of injuring themselves in a rep game that is not insured by the NRL governing body?? i think clubs should be able to refuse the right of their players/employees to play rep mid-season.
  9. It's more fundamental than that, Joel, and it's driven by greed and greed alone.

    Rugby League is a NSW and Queensland sport; that's all it ever was and that's all it ever will be. The whole "National" Rugby League thing is an expensive house of cards that hopefully soon will fall over and return some sanity to the game.....

    And finals? What's the point of complicated finals systems when the simple always worked; each team plays a home and away match against every other team in the league, and the finals are a top four playoff.

    But, of course, the expensive garbage that surrounds the game wouldn't allow that, would it?