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[Spoiler] Malaysian Motogp

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cejay, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. Fark me if Westy doesn't end up quickest in FP3 @ Sepang.

    He wouldn't use a qualfier in FP would he?
  2. (Rotten) Tamada used to do it all the time when on the Dunlops in the Tech 3 team. In FP2/FP3 he'd consistently head out in the dying minutes of a session with a qualifier to top the charts when everyone else was on race tyres. I always figured it was just a regular publicity stunt organised by Dunlop.

    I don't know if West used one, but he did qualify very strong in Sepang last year as well, being just ~0.3s off the pace of the practice/pole setters, so maybe no qualifiers used.
  3. Whatever tyres he has in, won't mean a thing tomorrow.
  4. Great for westy, but I do not think we will see him on the podium.
  5. Pressure's off trying to secure his seat for next year, now, he can just ride again....

    Good on him.
  6. Apperently he ran a qualifier in FP. Last year, the QP was cancelled due to the rain and grid positions were taken from FP. Mindful of the weather, they did the same this year.
  7. Cliff, instead of worrying about those blokes, why don't you explain why you got spanked, last Sunday, at Winton, by you know who.
  8. A more important question is: "why is a race thats being run at 5pm being shown on tv at 1am?" surely if ten doesnt want to show the races then they should give the boradcast rights to another station, im sure if they were owned by sbs we might actuallyget to watch races live instead of 7hours later in the middle of the night! :evil:
  9. Ring up local pub/club see if they'll put it on for you - Fox Sports 3 - hurry up 250's starting soon :wink:
  10. It may be on 10hd.
  11. Not in tasmania it wont, stupid TDT normally has dexter on when everywhere else has the motogp live...as if anyone watches dexter anyway :?
  12. Foxtel?

    Or maybe take a leaf out of the Victorians' book and approach a cafe/pub/whatever that has Foxtel and see if you can arrange "MotoGP nights" for next year. There must be enough bike riders in and around Hobart to make it a goer.
  13. Rossi, Pedrosa, Dovi.
  14. Rossi's just awesome :cool:

    Good on Davizioso - first podium - his battle with Hayden was great to watch

    And Nakano rode a solid race, picked up plenty of spots including Casey, who finished sixth
  15. You are right dim. Especially for people who are too busy to go to pubs
    or stay up to 1am. Watched the lap results on the pc. Cannot wait to see the race. Monday evening if the dvd thing work ok.
  16. I watch qualifying on Motogp.com. They've upgraded the stream to 1mbps for qualifying and the picture quality was no worse when shown on my 40inch LCD than the (admittedly shite) PQ from Foxtel.

    If you don't want to be at the mercy of Ch10, take out a subscription to Motogp and watch it live, uncut, without adverts and the annoyingly shit commentary from Ch10.
  17. who does the commentary for motogp.com? I quite like the british eurosport commentary (especially mamola). I hear that eurosport will not be covering it next year.
  18. The Dorna feed is Gavin Emmett (Dorna communications director), Nick Harris (freelance, provides info for lots of sources) and their own pit lane reporter.

    As official Dorna reps, they have quite a lot of information and although not the colour of Eurosport, definitely have the same background and info. Being the WW feed, they're fairly impartial too.

    Not the cheapest option, but if you have high speed internet (the 1mbps connection was really good quality) and you love your Motogp, it's definitely worth the cost.
  19. How is the 1mbps stream? Last year it just kept buffering for me and ended up being a waste of money, but this year I tried the free stream during FP and QP and it was ok. Last year I felt that the motogp.com site seemed to struggle with the extra traffic when races were on though...