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[Spoiler] Lesnar vs Carwin

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. Carwin punched the tripe out of Lesnar in round one, but ran out of gas doing it, and got choked out in round 2. Lesnar's pre-match confidence was justified.

  2. cant find a video of it, bugger sounds like it was a good one.
  3. it was on pay-per-view so pirate stuff would be rare

    the preview was shown on UFC on channel 50 last Thursday night, so the matches themselves may be on on Thurdsay this week......
  4. I wouldn't have picked you for a blood sports fan, Hornet!
  5. Its called UFC 116. Easy to find via your usual search.
  6. perverse, I know, but like most of my generation I grew up watching World Championship Wrestling and The Roller Game on glorious B&W TV, and UFC is kinda a progression.....
  7. Nope no good. Lots of prematch stuff but no fight. As Hornet said, pay per view will be hard to find if its only recent. Although I am only a puter novice your internet skills may exceed mine.

    Should be on 'one' eventually.
  8. No its there, been there since a couple of hours afterwards (I know 8-[ ). This stuff is popular especially since its ppv.

    Not sure how your searching. Try binsearch.info for nzb or piratebay for torrent.

    Im sure I cant post links or instructions, probably get spanked for this anyway.
  9. I dont know why so many people thought Carwin would win.Brock is a monster, im a massive Brock fan, he is going to go down as one of the greats of this sport, no doubt about it!

    ps havent seen the fight i need to find a web source that allows me to view them, if anyone can link me up please send me a pm.
  10. Watching this fight may give you doubts ;)

    Brock very nearly got knocked out. Carwin is an accomplished fighter but didn't manage to put him away and gassed. To his credit, Brock did weather the storm and while he did stop and just cover up on the ground for awhile (would have been stopped if it wasn't a title fight) he recovered very well and second round he won in the wrestling.

    This fight showed some serious holes in both men's game. The UFC heavyweight division just got interesting :)
  11. that said, both these guys easily beat the best challengers, so it's up to others to prove their worth. If the best challenger can pound Lesnar that hard and he can still come back and win, does he HAVE to do much more to be considered a great champion? There's a few ways to win; is one more worthy of praise than another? Carwin is as big as Lesnar; who would have thought he could have been beaten by an old-fashioned wrestling headlock, as Lesnar later described it?
  12. Carwin is known for his stopping/knock out power, right? He was 12-0 with nearly all wins a first minute ko, I think. Look at what Brock Lesnar endured from this guy and then he comes back and wins. People hate the guy and now he has all the more reason to hold up two middle fingers in the air and tell them to **** off. He is a monster.
  13. Someone has Hornets account, surely.
  14. Lesnar has proved his critics wrong that said he was a poosy from wrestling that won't handle cage fighting.
  15. Yeah but Brock is still new to the UFC, he has much to learn but is managing to dominate in a serious way regardless...which should give everyone a very clear eye opener....
    No one will ever take Randy coutures legendary status in my eyes but Lesnar is slipping into my top 5 fighters ;)
  16. :WStupid:
  17. I was thinking the exact same thing.