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SPOILER.. Laguna Seca Moto-GP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by MVrog, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. Not a spoiler yet, but it will be soon.

    My TV guide shows this race, on free-to-air at 6.45 Monday morning.
  2. Yeah motogp.com has it as a 7am start :cool:

    So will Stoner go hard after Rossi after last years "incident"?? Or does the Dr get another mental advantage and stretch his lead??

    And add Lorenzo on a quick bike and it's a three way battle
  3. It is also 6.45 on 1HD
  4. As much as I want to see Stoner win this race. I can't see him all of the sudden recovering from whaterver it is that is bugging his health.

    I see a repeat of Assen.
  5. Pedrobot got the hammer down.

    He's one man who dosen't need to qualify well to lead at the first corner.
  6. Yawn.

    Mind-numbingly, knob-shrinkingly tedious.
  7. Wasn't too bad.

    Congrats to Pedrosa. Barnstorming start.

    Lorenzo overcooking it into the last corner to try and take Rossi was almost a repeat of Stoners effort last year.

    Lorenzo was the star of the race for me. Rossi should be ashamed to almost have been over taken by his banged up teamate.

    Stoner going backwards was a bit disappointing, but almost expected.

    Another thing is, I really doubt Rossi will be able to catch Agostini for record wins. There are too many race winners around him.
  8. Wow, that gives a whole new meaning to the term "sour grapes". I guess you must have been watching a different race than I was.

    It was a great race. Pedrosa makes the Yank Pedro-haters choke on it in their own backyard. The battle between Rossi and Lorenzo was engrossing from go-to-whoa and the final charge by Rossi once Pedrosa had backed off was pure theatre.
  9. 32 laps of +2 second gaps then a desperate lunge by Rossi on the last turn?

    You're easily pleased.
  10. I think you're being a bit harsh. It wasn't as good as some, but there was still some interesting stuff.

    And Hayden will take relief that he finished 5th at a circuit he always does well at.

    If Stoner is really that sick that he can't get off a bike, should he actually be racing? What if he has a brain fade 1/2 in the race due to exhaustion and crashes and injures himself or someone else? Perhaps his overall health should be of more importance?
  11. Oh, please, your "lousy race" posting is just a cover for your "I'm P*&^%d because my rider didn't win."

    Grow up.
  12. Oh boy, were a few people up a little too early this morning. Now I will ignore the crankiness and move onto the race.

    It was tense at best, and a little processional at worst. It was good too see Hayden show a turn of speed finally, and lets hope he can keep improving on his form but it's hard to gauge just how good/bad the Ducati is with Stoner suffering from some mystery ailment.

    Stoner had a MASSIVE shot at Melandri when asked about what Ducati had done for Hayden claming the team had done everything Melandri had asked for.

    The Honda that Pedrosa rode looked like it was on rails, and was visibly the faster bike though the corkscrew and both Yamaha's looked the goods as well. Pedrosa rode well and Dovi will be gutted with losing the front again!!
  13. Well I hate to disappoint ya there sweetie but I don't give a shit who wins.
    I'm not interested in the politics of making "Yank Pedro-haters choke on it in their own backyard".
    Stoner and Pedrosa always look as though someone has stapled their testicles together.
    And as for Rossi, well, if I never have to endure endless images of him removing his leathers from his arse-crack it will still be 147 times too many.

    I just want to be EXCITED by GOOD RACING.

    384 corners and half a dozen passes. Whoopee Shit.
  14. Got a link?

    Hayden must be still worried. 5th at a circuit he always goes really well at isn't the result he would have hoped for. But a 5th is still a 5th and his best of the year none the less.
  15. This link thing you speak off. Is it something to do with computators?

    I like things with hammers and cogs Ceejay. :LOL: :LOL:

    It was during the pre-race interview Stoner did with Darryl Beattie and the other dude. The rumour about his illness is that it could be Epstein-Barr (Similar to Glandular Fever I think).
  16. as i said before, surely its something Adriana can fix ! :grin:
  17. If anything I think she's guilty of putting the fever in his glands.
  18. What happened to Pedrosa on the last lap?
  19. who knows, whatever it was started showing up a few laps earlier, when the yammi's were eating a few tenths a lap, and then everything went downhill. tyre wear maybe? He was pushing pretty hard, harder than the others, and may have had a softer compound on. doubt it was lack of fuel, but maybe there was an engine problem that started to develop.

    overall, not worth getting up for in my opinion, racing as boring as f1, without the pit strategy to liven it up every 20 laps. Particularly after getting to bed at 3.40 from watching the tennis. Three hours sleep, waking up for that, was not impressed
  20. They didn't catch Pedrosa on camera but apparently he made a big mistake on one of the corners which allowed Rossi to get so close on the last lap.

    Nice optomism from Lorenzo trying to belt under Rossi. I know a lot of people hate Lorenzo but he is damn entertaining to watch!