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SPOILER... F1 Race tonight

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by GOOSH, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. man, what an awesome finish... everyone was on the edge.. poor guys... what to do with 2 laps to go...

    Go Hamilton.. unlucky raikonnen

  2. Yep was gunna start a thread that said "Watch the end of tonight's GP!!!" :LOL:

    OH MY GOD!!!! What a finish. un. fcuken. believable!!!!
  3. Was orright, mate.
  4. That was the best 2 laps of F1 in a long time. i really dont like raikonnen, ive coughed up things with more personality
  5. ahhhh, but wait for it, the ones that don't even follow the sport will come out with "how shit and boring F1 is"

    That was an absolute mad final 2 laps.
  6. if you like F1 have a go at this online game.
    im in the 2 day game as coxy
  7. News just in . . . Hamilton has been penalised ! :eek:

    MG will be calling foul over this !!!
    . . . BLACK powa !! :LOL:
  8. He and Kimi were both under investigation for some incidents at the end of the race.

    Honestly that seems like an absolutely ludicrous decision. Kimi crashed anyway,meaning Hamilton would have won anyway..and it was clear that by Kimi going so deep into that corner, Hamilton's only option (and duty to remain safe) was to cut through the escape route. He got behind him anyway!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  9. Fantastic race, one of the better ones we have had in the past several years; actual racing.

    Hamilton got penalised, for gaining an advantage by cutting the chicane. He moved behind Kimi knowing he had done wrong, but that was pretty much a move into slipstream, nod at FIA "I gave him back the advantage" and race off.

    Hamilton was too hot into that corner anyway. Talented kid, but he does this too often, too eger and over his skill, with the uncanny luck of Alonso.

    Shame about Kimi he had a great start, and did well during the race, just could not contain the nerves towards the end i guess.

    Truli must have had a Vindaloo before the race, nitro start.
  10. bah!

    everytime I get into F1 they pull some crap like this.

    what a great race. pathetic decision.
  11. F1 has been horn, this year. I hope moto-gp take note, and get rid of traction control too.
  12. +1 if there was one decision that improved the spectator side of the sport it was this. It clearly shows the effects of driver skill.
  13. ABC News just said, Hamilton was given a 25 sec penalty, so Massa wins.
  14. yep, shit decision.....it amazing me they spend millions of dollars to run this sport then have monkeys making important decision :roll: yep i say remove the rest of driver aids from the cars for next season :grin:
  15. That has to be one of the most fcuked decisions that any steward(or 3 in this case) can make.

    Yes he gained advantage but he was 6km/h slower than kimmi going over the start/finish line in order to give him back the place.

    He then dropped in behind, lined him up and beat him fair and square into La Source.

    I'm starting to loose faith in the FIA and their ability to run a fair race.

    I never did like Maclaren but I'm starting to more and more. :mad:
  16. Too many prostitutes, drugs and nazi parties.