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(SPOILER) Czech Republic Moto GP!!! Congratulations...

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by WRXDUP®, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Congratulation to Loris Capirossi and Team Ducati for a awesome win in the Czech Republic.



  2. I hope you know you've ruined someones day/night/morning when they come on here and see the results of the race before they get a chance to sit down and watch it.

    Idiot. Next time be more subtle with your title choice and put (spoiler) in it.

    I've already seen the race, but you've still destroyed it for others.

    Hope you get a speeding fine tomorrow.
  3. Changed title of this thread, so if people choose to click on the new title they will see the result.

    7THSIN don't agree with your harsh comments, if people get on a motorcycle forum and think they will not read something about the result then they are kidding themselves.
  4. The battle for the championship is not a forgone conclusion.
    Bring on PI :!:
  5. They weren't harsh comments, they were fairly mild comments considering what they posted and in comparison to what I've seen in the past for the same offence.

    Anyone who gets onto a motorcycle forum and puts the results of a race that happened the night before into the topic without the obligatory "SPOILER" can expect to be flamed and flamed _hard_.

    It isn't just Netrider, for almost 20 years posters have been telling inconsiderate people on web forums all around the world, before that on usenet and elsewhere on the web that you just don't post results without spoiler in the title.

    20+ years of repeating the same message and you wonder why people are just a little annoyed when someone _still_ hasn't gotten the message *sigh*.
  6. Capirossi won easily but it was a somewhat boring race except for I think around round 18 with the few change overs between rossi and Pedrosa. Pedrosa snuck in front of rossi who quickly fought to get back in front and then get taken over again. Full marks to Pedrosa for that :grin: It helped relieve some boredom from the race. Capirossi was very immpressive though, congratulations. As G said, it's no definite forgone conclusion this year who will be the winner!
  7. Also added "SPOILER" to the title.
  8. Did people notice that Rossi did not even really try????

    When he had the little battle with Pedra, he then gassed it and made a margin real quick.
  9. Rossi doesn't mind a bit of dicing though...
  10. Pedrosa may have just slackened off because he'd settled for third :idea:
  11. Seriously don't be a tosser, it was all over the radio and the telly this morning, as soon as my alalrm went off it was spoiled, life is still moving on, catch up with it. :roll:
  12. Looking at his riding style when he was battling with pedrosa he was on the limit, even put his foot down going around one corner.
  13. This is what I thought as well...as soon as Pedra started annoying Rossi a little, Rossi just took off.

    Capirossi's tyres held in there and he was riding that thing like it was stolen and being chased by the cops.
  14. Personally thats what I believe, and he did mention that after the race, but he could have just said that in order to make himself look better? I dont think he would have been able to hold Rossi anyway, so after a few close passes he probably thought given Hayden's poor result, coming third would be better than coming off the track.

    Given he started from so far back on the grid, Pedrosa did quite well.

    I thought it was a good race - good to see Melandri, KR Jr and Casey having a bit of a battle back in the pack, and Shinya passing Hayden on the last lap :) take that!
  15. [img:30:15:46d1edb483]http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/1161/bravope8.gif[/img:46d1edb483] Grow up!!!! You should have been asleep rather posting on the forum at that time. You don't want to be late for school in the morning now do you. I am sure it took up most of your brain power to come up with that informative and knowledge filled post.
  16. After months of poor races results, the Bridgestone Tire Chemists were sick to death with being beaten by bamboo sticks by there bosses, and finally developed a race tire that would last more than 6 laps. After Ducati's win, much saki was drunk in celebration of the new Rubber Cross Linker X 5645. Those crazy chemists will be waking up with a hangover you want to die from, next to a hooker they can't remember ordering. BANZAI!!

    As for the Ducati, is there a more evil bike in MotoGP?

    It's not even happy riding in a straight line, and what's worse, Capirossi seems to prefer it that way. Crazy, crazy little man.

    Rossi and Pedrosa had a nice little battle for first loser, with the more experienced rider showing how it's done.

    Nicky Hayden would probably wish for a do-over as that was a real bad result for him. If I was riding a factory Honda, and let a Kawasaki beat me, I would probably kill myself.

    (Actually, if they let me ride a factory Honda, I would still probably kill myself because I am a ham fisted idiot...)

    Any way, a championship has had life breathed into it again, and we are off to Sepang for the next round.
  17. Terima kasi.
    Selamat pagi, Pak NeoMarco. :)

    Transliteration: Thank you. Have a nice day, Mr NeoMarco. :)
  18. Refer to ZRX1200R's post about idiots posting results in the thread title.

    LOL, you're telling me to grow up, then you attempt to insult me by saying I'll be late for school? :LOL: Well done buddy, a Gold Star for you
  19. Correction my little keyboard warrior, I was merely making a observation. If you can articulate what you have posted, then you would see that it was you who made a futile attempt at trying to insult me.
  20. Will both you idiots shut up?

    FFS next time post SPOILER in the title so you don't get flamed.
    And there is no need for either of you to get all bent out of shape about it.