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[Spoiler]Can this be Webber's first victory ???

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. woohoo !
    Webber has pole at the German GP !!

  2. One can only hold one's breath and hope. Once thing's for sure, there'll be dancing in ths streets of Queanbeyan if he does :LOL:.
  3. That had to be the best Qualifying session I have seen in years.

    The car is good and the driver appears to be up to the challenge.
  4. yeah i think he can, but if he does lose i think it will be due to him having made a pit stop and then a lap later it pours down and needs to change when others are just making their first stop.....oh something like that, he is quite good in wet conditions and i hope the lead in the dry will be enough to keep him there.

    so glad you asked for my 3 cents worth :LOL:
  5. It will hinge on him getting a good start of the line, he can't afford to be stuck behind barrichello again.
    Although the damage would be negated somewhat by his longer fuel load.

    He has everything going for him this race. If he can be the first into turn 1, then it's his race to lose. I doubt the Brawns will be able to match him for pace and even if they do they will be pitting 5 laps earlier giving Webber some more time on light fuel to extend the gap.
    If the Brawns can hold Vettel up a bit, then that will be even better.

    But of course, when you talk about Webber you also need to take into account his tremendous luck, or lack thereof.

    Here's hoping for a dry race, or a full wet race with a saftey car start. Nothing in between.
  6. To be honest, I don't think he's mentally ready to win this race.

    My money is on Vettel to take the chequered, Rubihnio 2nd and Button 3rd.


    If it's a wet race, Force India's Adrian Sutil will run away from the pack to win.

    That bloke in the wet is very Schumacheresque.
  7. on past seasons I would expect Webber to crumble from the weight of expectation.

    This season his races have been solid, with very few errors.

    There's far less chance of Vettel winning this race than Webber. All his wins so far have been from pole position, in fact I still haven't seen him overtake this season, so he's up against it. Plus he's got KERS cars right behind him, if they beat him to the first corner, his chance for a win is done.

    If it's a wet race Sutil will be a chance for podium until he bins it with 2 laps to go. :LOL:
  8. As always I'm supporting Webber for a 1st place win and with the car being far far better than his previous cars over the years ( especially in reliability ) he has an excellent chance of doing so. I expect Button & Vettel to be contenders too but all 21 appendages are crossed for a Webber victory.
  9. fingers and toes crossed here :grin:

    I've been a fan since his Formula Ford days... half way there mate just got to bring it home tonight!

    Go Webbo! :)
  10. No.
  11. If it's dry I expect Button will win and if it's wet Hamilton will definitely run off the track at least once. :LOL:
  12. Hopefully this is the beginning for him and keeps him hungry
  13. I lost all respect for Lewis when he lied to the Stewards about Trulli passing him.
  14. I was being sarcastic <_<
  15. Shit ey? he almost proved me right at turn 1.

    But awesome drive despite all the obstactles placed before him.

    A great race all round.

    Lewis DNF'd that was sweet ;)
  16. That was great!
    I've always hoped he would get a good car someday and win and it's finally happened. :beer:
  17. I'm still watching the race, thanks guys for the heads up on the win.
    I was going to say "I bare my ass in sydney rd if he wins" but I wont now :roll:

    Cheers Bruce
  18. He did very well :D. Good on him...and about time too. Funny hearing the Aussie Anthem at the F1 though.

    phong =P~
  19. bloody brilliant race !!
    Pole - lost position - drive through penalty - . . . . then he wins it !!!
    awesome performance !!!!

    Who else reckons the Brawn phenomena is over !