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[Spoiler] And he doesn't know why they call him 'Moaner'

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cejay, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. What a whinger.

    I'm sorry, I can't stand the boy, but his post race comment was pathetic. 'I've been racing for a long time now and I would have preferred the moves to have been cleaner'.

    His body language at the end of the race was that of a spoiled child. His entry into Parc Ferme was fully of 'Woe is me', coupled with shrugs and head shakes.

    He needs to relax and maybe start to enjoy his racing.
  2. I think it was more the corkscrew that he was complaining about and so be it. It wasnt a very clean move and it could have resulted in both crashing out.

    I think rossi was doing a very good job of blocking stoner on the parts of the field he performed better at. Which is what annoyed me too.

    It seemed to me that rossi had the attitude of im gonna win this however i can and if i crash your coming with me.

    Call me passionate or call me arrogant but thats how i see it as a true Stoner fan! :p
  3. Stoner can't win with a lot of you guys can he Cejay?

    He loses and classed as a whinger and a moaner, he wins and it's not him, it's the bike.

    He's tough on himself and his team, at the top level of this sport the pressure from the Teams, Sponsers and so forth must be Immense, good results are everything.

    Not every rider can be as Happy go lucky as Rossi, He's got the History and the Experience to know how to handle the pressure and play the mind games, Stoner to my way of thinking is a long way behind someone as good as Rossi.

    Stoner is in his 3rd or 4th year of MotoGP, He went from a nobody (as far as Europe was concerned) to world champion in very quick time.
    That pressure and learning curve on how to deal with that must be immense.

    Rossi rode like a man possessed, Vermulian (spelling) also did very well.
    But typical, the first thing someone has to bring up is he's a "Moaner" and "Oh woe is me" about Stoner.

    Mondays experts as usual, Quite frankly love to see you do any friggen better!
  4. Missed the post race comment on C10.

    Would love to have seen it though - not sure if it can be had online somewhere?

    That was a nail biter and I can understand Stoner's disappointment in the outcome. There were some dicey moves, and Rossi really was on the ragged edge a couple of times at Stoner's expense. However, they were both playing the game and I don't think either of them can say it wasn't a close contest.

    What I find staggering is that the second placed rider can crash and still come second. They are both on another plane of consciousness!
  5. I have to say that Rossi gives me the shits, he is as much if not more so a moaner than Stoner. I'd rather watch an Aussie win the racing than some spoiled MotoGP clown, pity CV only made it to third (which was a great effort either way).
  6. Stoner said he would have like a cleaner race and said his runoff was his own fault.

    Rossi: Was his happy self and said he needed it blah blah and mentioned the battle between Casey.
  7. Would you rather a droid who was all politically correct say"oh Vale' rode an excellent race and was just faster than me today, but we will regrpoup and look to what we can improve moving forward to the next race"? That shit would make me vomit! Give me the straight from the heart Stoner anyday!
    Enjoy his racing? Do you enjoy losing Cejay? Not me, I've been in plenty of bike races where others have been suicidal, and get an edge by simply putting theirs and your safety at risk, pisses me off! :evil:
  8. Guys Gals this is MotoGP, it is a modern gladiator sport, it is definitly not safe or for the weak of heart. We all watch it for its characters and thrills, we love its champs and we love its villians.

    I am sure the gladiators of old Rome never got the chance to say it was a good fight, but I wish it was cleaner, then maybe I wouldn't have died in the post fight interview.

    I think Stoner has a lot of work to do on in his character, the fact that if he did nothing but sit behind Rossi he would've gotten second, but he tried, it didn't work and had an off, but still got second... Amazing. That's enough to show he's in top of this game. He acts like he has lost everything, it is very sad too see, how can I look up to him?

    I still think Stoner could do something about his after race loser face skills, he's got the winning one down pat. Rossi put the pressure on Stoner, pass after pass and Stoner wasn’t able to keep up the concentration to get past, get out in front, settle into a rythm and win the fight.

    Cheers Rossi, you earned it. Casey well done on an exceptional Second.
  9. Cejay, did Stoner leave you at the alter mate?
  10. There was more.....

  11. :LOL: beat you by one minute! :p
  12. Not him. His wife. She was mine until he stole her.
  13. Rossi in that interview, "this is Racing".

    I agree.
  14. Hector Barbera races with crazy passes like this in the 2fiddys and gets a bad rep for it, Rossi does it and people praise him :?
  15. I much prefer Stoner to some other riders (pedrosa et al), at least he says and shows how he *really* feels. And complaints in this race are fully understanable (i would have been annoyed being stuck behind someone slower, not being able to get past and then stuffing up too), some of Rossi's moves were pretty close to being outright dangerous (even if it did provide some entertaining racing). Pity stoner stuffed up, it could have been even more interesting in the last couple of laps if he'd stayed on track.
  16. Triway, it's just the pointy end of the stick. If Rossi had a trade mark for racing like this all the time, I am sure he'd have a bad rep for it. I am doubtful that he planned or even practiced to ride into the dirt to get ahead. He probablty muffed up a little (which he has shown alot of in the last 2 years puishing his limits), sometimes a muff-up can workout well. And this time it did, but it didn't win the race for him.

    I am not convinced that anything wrong has happened here. The M! doesn't go as well as the Ducati, so Rossi has to find otherways, like pushing it under brakes to make up the difference, he makes it 10ft wide to make passing hard etc. No real dirty riding there.

    This all means Casey has to fight harder, adding to his pressures as a young buck and he pops, just look at that interview link. And yeah it becomes more risky for both riders and the stakes are high. But it makes for great racing for the viewing public, who get bored with rides leading unchallenged from start to finish.

    Just my 2cents, not worth much, but it's mine.
  17. I think the main reason is because it rhymes with Stoner. If his name was Schicklgruber they'd struggle a bit.
  18. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. :rofl: :rofl:

    Hey Dallas, I sort of agree, it was good racing and very borderline whether it was too far or not. But bagging Stoner for saying what he feels right at the end of a race that was so close to being too far is short sighted imho. Good on him for speaking his mind, but, he has shown Rossi a weakness, which will come back to haunt him I think. For that reason he should have kept quiet.