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[SPOILER] Alice Grand Prix de France - race results here.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by _joel_, May 18, 2008.

  1. ...well, not yet :p
    but to save any accidental "spoiling", lets gloat, cry and whinge in here.

    go stoner!

    let the racing begin :cool:
  2. poor old stoner, i think he threw a johnson rod.
  3. How about that stack which took out the whole field all because of a squirrel!
  4. all yamaha podium, with rossi, the nutter and edwards.
    the ducrappy shit itself, and i reckon our boy stoner is going to be a very grumpy young lad :LOL:

    although, how good did vermeulen go!!
  5. 'The Nutter'. He has fcuking big balls though! Racing, with two broken ankles...mad!
  6. MAGNIFICENT race! Some classic Rossi moments as he worked his way to the front.

    Great to see the Doc show 'em all who's boss, and wonderful that Stoner's engine held on long enough for him to get soundly rogered by Valentino and Pedrosa.

    Crazy to watch Hopper's Kwaka shit a chain, guess they shoulda gone for a rivet link not a clip link eh?

    Jorge is going to be a force of nature, I only wish he wasn't such a twat.

    And how great to see Rossi make his victory lap all about Angel Nieto. What a sportsman.
  7. +1 whether you like or dislike his personality the kid can ride......i personally admire the guy for his riding/racing skills.

    great to see rossi, back at the front, was starting to think his time might of been up. :(
  8. Jorge shall be known as 'Balls of Steel' from now on.

    On Saturday, he overshot a corner and went over the gravel. He knew he could make it back to the track so stayed on the bike. Only issue was, he couldn't risk having shocks come up through his feet as he went over the bumpy gravel. So he took his feet off the pegs and absorbed the bumps with his nuts....

    I don't even think he is a twat anymore. I think in the 250's he was trying to NOT be Pedrosa and that meant he played everything up.
  9. Yamaha 1-2-3 :cool:
  10. Great race! Even from the warm up lap you could tell it was going to be a close one!

    Haven't seen Lorenzo off the track but every since I saw him win by about 20secs at Phillip Island on the 250s I knew he was going to be the sh!t, but not this quickly!!

    90+90, Rossi is a champion, still dont know how you other guys hate him when he's the best sportsman on the track, always has been.
  11. stoner's just not getting a break with his bike is he? melandri had the bike cutting out too. Shame, would have liked to see if stoner could have made up some spots...

    but good on Rossi, he's well & truly back in form & I recon this year it might come down to the last 2 or 3 races before we know who the champ is!
  12. It was nice to see riders that enjoy the win showing there smiles of enjoyment up on the podiam ...
    As for stoner the chances where he was going to finish 5th anyway Maybe a few more DNF will make him enjoy a win. I beet there was a bit of foot stompin and door slamming in the stoner camp last night.

    GO THE CHUPA CHUMP SUCKING ROOKIE that was one Ballzie ride ..
  13. What a load of crap!

    So Rossi rode off into the distance, that's the measure of the man in such conditions, but Pedrosa toasted his tyres trying to catch Rossi and couldn't even hold onto a podium place in the end. Stoner was looking good in third, less than half a second from Pedrosa and easily holding him there even when Pedrosa put on a spurt chasing Rossi. And as he was on the same tyres as Rossi it would be reasonable to say they would be alright at the end of the race.

    How you can make comments like that and then in the same breath compliment Rossi on his sportsmanship I dont know. I'm amazed you can spell the word.
  14. Hmmm, let me get the :popcorn:

    Why is it a load of crap? OK, lets analyse the race:
    - Good and safe start by the contenders
    - Rossi did carve his way through the pack
    - Rossi was clearly faster into the corners and on several occassions was forced to run a little wide to avoid hitting Stoner
    - When he reached the lead he was pulling away
    - The speed advantage Ducati had does not appear to he as much - although still good.

    In short, Yamaha and Rossi have done their homework. He is now on the same tyres as Stoner and he is beating Stoner..... and the field.

    So, what part of all this is crap? THis is all about preparation on the off-months and preparation during qualifying. The Yamaha has imporved dramatically and when Honda gets the 1000 valve motor, they will improve. I am also pretty sure Ducati will make sure Stoners bike does not fail and it also imporves.

    So, pertaining to this particular race - Stoner was beaten - end of story. :)
  15. Well, sorry if I touched a raw nerve there, I just never liked Stacey and it pissed me off that he got such a soapy tit massage from the Aussie press when he came in and won the title on the back of the Ducati's proven active valve system and the big power advantage that gave him.

    It's a purely personal thing, I don't like his tantrums, his public persona, his defensive riding style or the fact that the first Aussie GP champ in a decade is such a boring arse of a bloke. He seems to have been beaten into success by his parents like the red-head he is, and now that the other bikes in the field have got pneumatic valves and can nearly match the red bike in a straight line, I don't think he'll be troubling Rossi, Pedrosa or the lollipop twat for the title.

    When I'm playing sports, I'm happy to display sportsmanship. I likewise reserve the right to be a one-eyed, name-calling, beer-swilling, dribbling, shouting, irrational and passionate fool when I'm just barracking. So get a woolly bull up ya!
  16. Oh, and Stacey inherited the Duc with its engine advantage in 07... But it's the RIDER's job to develop the bike, particularly handling-wise. So unless the red team isn't listening to the "champ," the fact that it's shit under brakes and in the corners 12 months later is, um, WHOSE fault?

  17. Hey Loz,

    So what your trying to tell us is that you dont like Stacey :roses:
  18. You're even smarter than you look, Mitch! :p
  19. I disagree that the bike is shit under brakes....if anything i thought it was much better under brakes. The bike wasnt carrying the corner speed to match the yamaha's, i thought it was most notable at the end of the straight, the huge right hand sweeper. The ducati was faster down the straight, but as soon as the bike leant over, the other bikes clawed back. Maybe a traction control issue?

    Apparently the engine shit itself about the time he started getting passed, with no drive out of the corners from low down, According to casey, that said, he is claiming that the package is fixed, and its just a matter of getting it all right on the day...might be talking out of his arse though. All i know is that the bike is still holding an acceleration and top speed advantage, be it narrowly over the other bikes, from what i seen last night and its got no corner speed.

    Rossi is looking dominant again...its going to be interesting to see if stoner is actually going to be able to beat him, And start doing the mick doohan styled robot laps one after the other, which at the start of the race i thought, wow he is first already....looks to be a repeat of last years cyborg.

    oh well, go ducati. lol
  20. To put it bluntly -Rossi is a god :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Think about this -new tyre brand. No one else to help him with developement. So where is the setup direction coming from? And it is not just suspension adjustments being made, but full on geometry modifications. To just one bike.
    From the time he swapped from Honda to Yamaha & rode every single lap of every race that year like it was a qualifier, on a clearly slower motorcycle, he has showed himself to be head & shoulders above the rest. End of story :grin: :grin: