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[Spoiler Alert!] New World SBK Champion

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by VtrElmarco, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. In news just breaking, Ben Spies is the new 2009 World Superbike Champion after a classic season long battle with SBK veteran Nori Haga. Not too bad for a rookie AMA rider from Texas. Unfourtunately Haga fell in race 1 and we were robbed a truly classic finish, but it was tense all season long.

    But in even more important news at the start of the season on the 03/02/2009 VtrElmarco claimed this:

    While I am a shameless Haga fan (I have two of his helmets!!) I reckon rookie Ben Spies will take out the crown this year. Yamaha have built a corker Superbike containing some very GP like technology under it's very pretty carbon exterior. He also was brutally and effectively fast against some good competition in the AMA Superbikes.

    You all laughed, pointed, and called me stupid. Well not really. Only some of you just called me stupid. So now I will swan around knowing that I am, truly the fastest of all of Rog's Keyboard Racers.

    You may now start bowing...
  2. I've been a Nori Haga fan ever since he announced to the world in a post-race interview that the bike the factory gave him to ride was "sh*t" and that he deserved better. With some riders that might be seen as ungrateful petulance, but nobody could ever accuse him of being anything but totally committed and fearless. Crazy, yes, but still totally committed.
    Would have loved to have seen him win one. Can't take the credit away from Spies, though. Well done.
  3. Thats the Haga we love alright. I remember 1 year at Brands Hatch, into turn 1 Haga came barreling up the inside and took out about three riders. As they were picking themselves up out of the gravel trap, the riders were gesturing to Haga what and idiot he was. Haga just shrugged his shoulders and calmly walked away. I think he went on to win race 2?
  4. Hail Elmarco!
  5. this was my first year watching the superbikes, and whilst i would of liked haga to win, spies did everything right and as stated, had a top bike under him.

    good racing :)
  6. Congrats to Spies. You can't argue with someone who comes to the series and wins it at the first attempt.
  7. spot on, Cejay

    All hail elmarco, "The Accurate One"
  8. Yep I remember that, I was actually there watching it :)

    After taking out most of the field with a totally crazy overtake around a blind corner, he did exactly the same thing in the restart.......and pulled it off :grin:
  9. Haga was on the Yamaha R7 then wasn't he?
  10. Yep....and he almost won it that year I think.
  11. haga on the r7...ah the good old days.

    each of his races i watch now on the edge of my seat, just waiting for him to pull those kind of moves, "samurai of slide."
    but and i've worn out the seat...and found his moves are pretty rare these days. :(