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Splitting between 2 cop cars

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Honda Phantom, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Today I was riding home and I lane filtered / split around 50 or more cars to the front of the pack. As I got towards the front, I noticed in both lanes stopped at the very front of the traffic lights where 2 police cars. I pulled up right between them both and checked out there car and noticed that they where NSW cops driving in VIC. When the green light turned I took off flat out like normal when splitting, thinking that they cant/wont pull me over, since being in the wrong state.

    Just something different I thought I would share...
  2. Bit odd eh!
  3. Most Police working in towns near State borders are actually sworn in as Special Constables in the other State and have similar powers in that State that they do in their own State. Maybe the NSW blokes had something better to do.
  4. same thing happend to me the other day on narre north rd at the freeway overpass i was heading down towards fountain gate when I pulled up to the front I noticed i was between a divvie van and an ss pursuit car (trucks behind both so i didnt see them till i was at the front) and i thought they may say something and sure enough the vans window starts coming down the old seargent in the passenger seat just stuck his head out the window ans says "nice bike mate" so I said thanks then the lights went green so I toke off and even filtered to the front of the roundabout when I turned my head he just gave me a thumbs up so I guess if you do it right they arnt really interested in trying to ping you for something or another
  5. :LOL: you toke off eh? druggo!
  6. What you've never done that as well :LOL: :LOL:
  7. HAHA lol well the other day i was flying down Tooronga road after a long day of work and there were all these cars banked up for ages...

    As i couldnt properly/legally lane slipt a one lane road, i rode down the left hand side (i know, very dangerous) and flew straight past a cop car.

    He later stopped behind me at a set of lights further down the road and did nothing :shock: i guess there are some that you would rather cut your own rather than come accross, and others who dont care...
  8. not all cops are fcukwits. or assholes. some are just doing a job....
  9. Yep your right most of them are pretty good. I just find most of the ones 25 and under still have an attitude but I guess their young and have maybe to much resposibility still give me the sh1ts though :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Yeah well i wanted to join "the force" lol and did some work experience with a senior sergeant.

    He pointed a few young guys out and said that for a few years after the come out of probation they become "gun/trigger happy" and think that they are all high and mighty.
    Sad though... cause they're usually the ones that antogonise most situations...

    Actually heres another one for you, i was driving a car in Surfers, age =16, unlicenced and dumb. Got pulled over for full on speeding doing 120 in a 60 zone!!! Started crying to the cop (it was genuine because i was so scared) he then let me go and said that its sad to see so many young people splattered all over the orad and he wouldnt want that furture for me.

    If it was one of those d!ck head cops, i would have never been able to get my licence, polly had $1k worh of fines and would of had to walk home!
  11. The closes I've had 2 having trouble with the police 4 lane splitting was 1 day on Burwood Hwy splitting 2 the front at Springvale Rd, city bound. Just as I pass a cop car I've managed 2 just cliff a Landcruisers left mirror. So after I've taken off from up front I've looked in my mirror & shore enough there's a set of blue & reds cutting there way though the traffic. So I've pulled over & waited 4 him. Yep the Landcruiser's driver had complained about the clipping. While the officer was holding my license he said, "Just making it look like I'm doing my job, saves answering a complaint." As soon as the Landcruiser had passed & gone, he handed back my license and said, "be careful," & took off.
  12. Oh my god!!! thats fantastic... ilove it lol

    Lucky you....
  13. very very very lucky

    my story

    back ground-on way to bike shop to get new rear tyre (back tyre just under legal) 1 point left on license

    riding along and both lanes backed up so i go down between parked cars and the stationary lane pass a bus and right in front of the bus is a cop car.

    he sees me and just as i pass him i hear the siren

    but with my rear the way it was and only 1 point i keep riding to the front of the line and take off

    haven't heard anything yet so im guessing they didn't get my number.

    if they did

    sorry officer i had mp3 player in my ears didn't hear the siren couldn't see any lights

    it was a couple of months ago so i think im safe
  14. well..the cop who issued me with my defect notice two weeks ago was definatly over 35.. so no young rookie in him there.. just one well undersexed and grumpy shit head... fcuked up my riding pleasure until further notice anyway..
  15. Still waiting to meet a 'nice' cop. I must drive/ride in the wrong areas. :p
  16. There is no such thing, all cops smoke Kock :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  17. ha.

    cops are exactly the same as everyone else... they have good days and bad days.. you don't know what stuff they might have been dealing with prior to them pulling you over.
    rule 1. if you get pulled over by a traffic cop expect a ticket cause its what they are there for and if they arn't giving out tickets then they cant justify that they should have a car out... its might be crap but stats = funding. no stats means no funding.
    rule 2. most other general police.. don't really care about traffic tickets and will give warning and just don't do it next time speaches..
    but as always give good attitude and chances are you'll recieve good attitude back.
  18. Re: ha.

    What a load of rot, Coppa's love to target bikers/bikies just because we ride, can be doing absolutely nothing wrong get pulled ofer then they look for something to get you on. and dont think for 1 minute they dont, dont be so nieave. :evil: :evil: :evil:
  19. I always have a chuckle at how some on this forum seem to think that all cops are the same. They will all react exactly the same way when they pull you over.

    That's just like saying every motorcyclist will react the same way in the same situation.

    What a load of crap.

    You do something stupid in front of a cop who wants to join the homicide squad, do you think he'll waste his time booking you?

    You do something slightly bad in front of a cop who wants to get into traffic, yep you'll get three tickets and a defect.

    You meet the cop who spent the last shift collecting bits of body off the road after a driver without a seatbelt got ejected and chopped up by his car rolling over the top of him, and you tell him he's picking on you because not wearing your belt only affects you, he'll beg to differ.

    Mate, every cop is different.
  20. Re: ha.

    I was pulled over for NO reason (his reason was I didnt indicate).. right in the driveway of my work.. he did the obligatory "why didnt you indicate?".. and then preceded to issue me a canary for modified indicators and a mudguard which didnt cover the wheel at a 45% angle.. and also no rego tail light.. he wasnt nice,,. didnt smile.. just got on with it and then didnt even do me for the reason he stopped me.
    NO COP IS A GOOD COP.. at least. NO TRAFFIC COP... but they could at least have decent manners in their line of work.. I still smile at work even when I am having a bad day