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Splitting: attitudes tips and liabilities(right catagory?)

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by music, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. This is the closest Subject/ topic thing i can think of, because it sort of incorporates traffic riding tips, with a bit of politics and even some rant.

    I ride every day to school down multi lane main road - 60 to 70 kmh limit if that makes a difference, and when the gap is sufficient, and i think the benefit is great enough, i split to the front. A few days back, i was riding to school, and i was over taken by a bloke on a ducati (absolutely beautiful, tricolore 1098) and i proceeded to follow him and keep up - i find it better to let somebody forge ahead and me be in the wake... its somehow easier that way in traffic... anyway, i followed him spitting once or twice, and at one of the final lights, i was going to go down a different line of cars than he was, but a ford seemed to be intent on making the gap to small for me. i felt it was suspicious, so i was content to sit behind her as going around might enrage her. as the lights went, i made my way over to the bus lane and started making good progress again. about two or three sets of lights later, coming up to my turn, this same ford cut across two lanes of peak hour traffic VERY quickly, to be smack bang in front of me. as soon as she stopped (hard, but i left a large gap) she opened her door to stop me splitting. i have never seen this car before and she was PISSED. she yelled some sh** about having a bull bar for me at home, and a few attempeted agressive driving moves later, it was over.

    my point is, how many people have inexplicable aggression like this? i have half a mind to stop splitting alltogether. would i be in the wrong should she open her door on me- in a clear attempt to knock me off? i feel the ducati might have inadvertently pissed her off, but are there techniques to split/filter with courtesy to car drivers? and do cops come down hard on going far out in the front of the lines at the intersection for bikes?
  2. Its fairly rare, but dickheads are everywhere.

    If you're polite and make sure you pay attention to so you take off when the light goes green (after checking for red light runners) - then people dont care too much generally.

    I've been beeped many times by cagers who are simply peeved that I can get ahead of them, they obviously feel I've jumped the queue but in reality if you take off quickly you're not slowing them down one bit.

    If the gap looks too small, dont try to fit. If the light goes green whilst splitting just pull back into a lane. I also make a note of always using indicators when lane splitting for various reasons - dont forget you might not be the only bike splitting, so if you dont look before splitting you could get a bike/bicycle up your ass.

    I lane split 95+% of the time I stop behind cars at lights. Dramatically reduces the chance of getting rear ended by someone who didn't see the red, and rear end accidents on a bike have a very high fatality rate. If I get a ticket so be it, I'd much rather have some extra peace of mind.

    One other thing, if you lanesplit to the front and the car behind you honks, just move into the lane next to it if possible and give them a polite wave - because its not worth upsetting 1000+ kgs.
  3. Shes a moron. 'Nuff said.
  4. Women drivers, no survivors.

    Think of 99%, it not 100% of the girls you've dated. Were they 100% bat-shit insane? :p

    Seriously though, I had the same the other day, someone got right on my arse for turning "in front" of them (aka before them). Just get away from them and be mindful they're watching you - watch back.
  5. I try not to piss the same person off twice. Say I lane split at the lights to the front, after take off I will switch to another lane, or if I pull up at another set of light, definately lane split to the front of that as well, to get away from the last driver that I lane split in front of. I also pick my cars, and generally go in front of slower cars and avoid P platers.
  6. This is good advice. More good advice is that if your ever going to cut someone off make sure its a Merc or something expensive. It is more likely the driver will be driving more safely and responsible than those in cheap trashed cars. I know i would be if i was sitting in $80-100grand+ of machine.
  7. Happens all the time. People just hate other people getting ahead of them.

    If they're pissed at you, at least they saw you.
  8. I'll never split such that I'm front of someone that's likely to try and race me from the lights. Chances are they'll try to race over the top of me.

    I've been up at the lights against a decent V6 before who wanted to race me off the mark - I did, without pushing it too much (60 zone, I only did it because there was a closed lane coming up and I would've got screwed over otherwise). Anyway, once he saw I was whooping his ass, suddenly he wasn't an aggressive driver who had to beat me anymore - he pulled in behind me, kept a safe following distance and didn't race me once :LOL: .

    Maybe when you come up against crazies, if they can't hurt you (eg. you're not driveable over at this point), just act a little bit crazier and they'll back down. I mean, if you'd just gone wide eyed and started screaming profanities at her until the light turned green, she probably would've thought better than to go for round 2 :wink:

    (note to self: carry tampons on bike in case he ever gets in road rage incident with lady like OP :LOL: )
  9. I think she is in severe need of driver re-education. It's one thing getting annoyed and yelling and another completely causing a danger to 3 lanes of traffic to get a point across.

    This woman deserves a wheelie to the face.
  10. Careful.. you're going to get this thread in trouble...
  11. I never said he should have.

    Regardless, she was a brilliant tool and I refuse to condone such behaviour.
  12. I get off the bike and stand there calmly fully armored till they drive away, Works a treat. If they leave it opens a nice big gap for you between them :).
  13. C'mon guys!!... blokes in their precious cars can get just as petty about it!!

    I don't see what the prob is!!....but it obviously upsets some people of both sexes!! :wink:
  14. I can understand i dont wanna piss them off on purpose- thats just stupid. ive pissed people off before :oops: but man was she pissed... and id never come across her before... meh. it happens i guess. bad morning for her, im just pissed she could have made it a worse one for me. what freaked me out is if i had started splitting, she prob would have opened the door.... :(

    thanks for the help though guys. as a teenager, im getting to be less of an idiot while riding over time. just dont see what i did to her *shrug* :)
  15. Many years ago I was splitting through traffic in the CBD. It was completely gridlocked due to some parade involving people who kick an egg shaped ball around a paddock or something.

    Anyway... I was tootling down the left hand side of the traffic (basically in the gutter) when a tradie van up ahead saw me in his mirror. He then took it upon himself to firmly jam both his wheels hard in to my lane (gutter) and swear at me in his mirror.

    After changing lanes (footpath), I raised my hand and gave said tradie the universal sign for "You have incurred my displeasure and I'd be pleased if you would cease loitering about my person".

    I changed lanes again (gutter) and watched my own mirrors as his windscreen slowly misted up from the gnashing of his teeth.

    Jealousy is a stinky cologne.

  16. Hahaha thats gold!! Well played sir.
  17. Re: Splitting: attitudes tips and liabilities(right catagory

    There are lots of crazies out there. You have passed lots of others unknowingly - they just haven't been able to get to you. If you are going to filter at the lights, don't hang around for them.
  18. I must admit the young fella from the OP kept his cool and handled it very well. I think he should be commended for reacting the way he did. Me on the other hand probably would've done my head in and turned the situation into something uglier than it should be. BTW the "wheelie to the face" had me laughing, I might learn to do one so I can at least threaten someone with it!
  19. haha. its probably a good thing i cant wheelie(well... i tried a few times in a carpark, best i can do is 20-30cm)... id prob do it in stupid situations... although im setting myself a goal: perfect my wheelie in time for my last HSC exam. then wheelie with joy away from the school and into the sunset :D

    thanks, i did my best to keep my cool :). it still freaked me out, not cos she was close to hitting me, just what would have happened if i had split past her..

    meh, i was happy filtering (conservatively) today. to get my confidence back up i even followed a scooter at the lights.... shameful maybe, but he was rolling out the red carpet for me/being the test dummy.
  20. I can't say following a scooter has ever done anything for my confidence.