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Splitting a New chain

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Enrgkid, May 13, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, I have just got myself a Regina RX3 Race Chain from MCA, and need some advice on cutting it, as this is my first time ever doing this I need pointers.

    First of all I have heard using an angle grinder to cut the excess chain off is an acceptable way? But at the same time am I better to sacrifice the extra money and go buy a chain breaker?

    My concern with these is whether they are designed to be used at any point on the chain or specifically to remove the master link?

    Help me please as I want to get my bike on the road ASAP.
  2. 1st. Count the links of the old chain. Don't measure them side by side and think oh a link shorter will make it ok...cause you take two links or holes as a link, and you can be on the odd.
    2. A decent chain breaker quickly and effectively breaks and reseals the chain.
    3. A cheap breaker is about $49 and there not good for anything but small bikes up to a 250. And they usually only break a chain, not reseal it.
    A moderate set will cost you about $80. There pretty good if you look after them, but you get what you pay for.
    A good sets about $120 and will last a lifetime. And you can charge mates $10 a pop to do theirs and it pays for itself in a fraction of its life.
  3. My bike is a 250, only issue is, that I've gained 2 teeth on the rear, and one on the front so cant really count the links, or can i just add an extra link for every tooth? I don't need to reseal as it's a clip style.

    as to the angle grinder, does it work ??
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    Angle grinder or a dremel to be more accurate

    No chain breaker i have seen will break anything but the master link on a riveted chain, and even then they suggest grinding off the flaired pin first


    grind the tops off the 2 circled pins and the link will fall apart.
  5. so obviously just grind away the pins on the link i dont want and hope for the best??
  6. the master link will be an 'outside' link, so a new chain should have an 'inside' link on both ends.

    i used a hack saw blade to take some of the flanged part off, then chain breakered it (i didnt have an angle grinder or dremmel)

    that said, the old (stock) chain was not unlike cheese, the chain breaker ripped through that without as much as a how do you do... guess thats what you get for getting a Korean drive chain with plastic attached.
  7. ahh. i didnt think of a hack saw, might be a bit cleaner for someone inexperienced with an angle grinder
  8. Go to www.gearingcommander.com punch in the bike and which sprokets you are using and it'll calculate how many chain links you need :)
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  9. Thanks mate that was an excellent link
    bookmarked for next time round:p