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Spliting, Filtering, Spilling wtf ??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Komunista, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. which one is it.. i have heard of so many names used for it... i refer to it as lane splitting.. which to me means going thru the cars when they are at a stand still at lights... so what does lane filtering and lane spilling means ??? :?

  2. Splitting - When you go between cars then they're moving.
    Filtering - When you go between cars when they're at a stand still.
    Spilling - never heard of.. I think some people got the term splitting worng(got it mixed up splitting-i might be wrong)
  3. Spilling - Any failure to stay shiny side up when lane splitting :LOL:

  4. :shock:
  5. spilling is the term used for when your splitting or filtering and a car changes lanes as you go to pass :LOL:
  6. splitting & filtering both mean going up in between cars in a lane each side of you. Doesn't matter if they're moving or not.

    Same Same
  7. Splitting is when going between moving vehicles ie turning 2 lanes into 3 moveing lanes.

    Filtering is plain and simple filtering through traffic useually stationary.

    Spilling is ending up on ya arse for whatever reason :)

    Thats how I understand it and have been told by many experienced riders
  8. Sharing sounds _much_ better. If you ever want to make it legal..start calling it sharing.
  9. I agree,
    filtering is going between 2 stationary cars that are faceing the same way as you are where spliting is more dangerous as you are passing two moveing vechiles. The first ones not as dangerous as the silly cager can't close the gap in a hurry without running into the vechile in front of you where spliting they can easily samwich you in the middle.
  10. nah it's lane sharing that is defined as an illegal traffic violation, had the question on my L's computer theory test, where there is no legal defining term for filtering or splitting, hence the reason infringments for filtering and splitting will use every term bar filtering or splitting traffic