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Split the petrol??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by fastkid, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. yes

  2. no

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  3. depends

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  1. I know petrol is expensive at the moment but do you think its fair to split the petrol with a pillion on those long trips?

    What about in a cager? split the bill? I just had a argument with a mate wanted me to pay $15 in petrol just 4 a night out??

  2. If he offered to drive then if he was going to ask for money he should've said it at the beginning, bit different if you asked him to drive somewhere. Same principle as with a pillion I would think.
  3. How much would it have cost to drive yourself?

    Can you trust him to act responsibly, as nominated driver not to drink even if you get plastered?

    How much would it have been worth for all of us who don't have a life & are surfing this forum to believe you were one of the netriders who does have a life?
  4. Depends what we call a long trip and as said whose idea it was.
    With my mates I'd be thinkin they were a tight arse if they asked for petty money. Mainly because what goes around comes around.
    Some people are funny like that.
    As for on the bike its cheap enough, so no i wouldnt even bother.
  5. Not $15. I mean gzzzz its dam petrol the night hasent even began! turbo skyline 4 ya.
  6. yeh but $5 - $10 even only because I know it drinks.. but its almost like he keeps putting up the price. Not my fault he likes to gass it from time 2 time.
  7. Get a new mate
  8. Wot he said..... :roll:
  9. Thanks for the tip
  10. You dont ask for money for cruising around, unless you let them have a drive too.
    If not established beforehand you dont ask.
    If passenger offers you say nah, but take it when they insist.

    If you were traveling somewhere then you should give the driver what you think is fair for the cost of the trip.

    And definatly no hitting up passengers if you get a flat tyre, cracked windscreen or other mechanical problem, your car your problem.
  11. +1 but when you tell him he is a lousy sob, be sure to burn $15 in front of him out of spite. Unless you REALLY need it. But that is something I would do to stick it up them. Tell him to get a new car too.
  12. Just smoke him on a bike :LOL:
  13. :cool: done that all ready. :LOL:
  14. I would not ask the pillion anything for the petrol but i would ask for the cost of the rear tyres and cleaning the melted shoe sole on the pipes..... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Seriously, no I won't bother.
  15. in a cage.... I almost always play designated driver. Most of my mates over here are younger than me and I do always worry about them getting home... so I would rather drive them and stay sober. More often that not I get several cokes/OJs bought for me during the night... but I'm not bothered.

    can't answer pillion question as never carried one... to be honest I'd probably only ever carry my partner or the back so petrol not an issue
  16. I don't ask for the petrol money but get them to pay for the coffee and pastie instead :)
  17. Any arrangement like that should be negotiated in advance... but in the long run, is it worth losing a friend over? Give 'im the 15 and then negotiate in advance in future.
  18. Nah no money unless they had to specifically drive a long way out of their way just for you... you might offer but i wouldn't ask for it if i were driving. They were going to go to the place anyway so why ask for petrol money... tight arses! If they are nominated driver for the night then you buy them drinks all night and some food if you stop somewhere is fair i think.
  19. Cage fuel bill, if not organised 1st then there is no bill.

    But a good pillion will offer explicit favours, a great pillion dosn't require you to stop the bike for these favours.

    Never ask a great pillion for fuel money under any circumstances.
  20. Whilst a Uni student I had a 700 km round trip with a couple of mates from my home town. We'd all kick in $20 each when it was our turn to "passenger," but one of us didn't quite frequently. :evil:

    It's rude to ask, it's probably worse to not at least offer.

    If someone's hard on cash, at least bring some home made sandwiches and soft drink for the trip.